Our local newspaper summed up something we have known for a long time over in DaColaLand. The more people that show up to the polls, the less likely an informed decision will be made.

I’m still scratching my head about the 34 year old who has NEVER voted before until the Events Center issue was on the ballot. Are you living under a freaking rock?! I’m sure most of these people don’t even understand that it was an advisory vote either.

“Voting on things that affect government, taxes and public services? Meh. Better entertainment for my community? I better get registered!”

Time to make another vodka tonic.

The numbers don’t lie;

According to ABC News

2004 – Nationally

37% Registered Democrats

37% Registered Republicans

26% Registered Independents

2008 – Nationally

37% Registered Democrats

29% Registered Republicans

34% Registered Independents

According to the Secretary of State

Change in numbers from 2004-2008 – South Dakota

Democrats up 10,000 registered voters

Independents up 5,000 registered voters

Republicans up 0 registered voters (I have actually heard they are down by a couple of hundred)

So who is going to decide the next election? Indies. I think it is time for a new party in America.