The Mayor’s “Super Secret Committee” for the indoor pool

As I mentioned before, during the indoor pool groundbreaking press conference (demolition) Mayor Huether mentions a secret group that assisted him on getting the outdoor pool vote to fail at Spellerberg. He also peddles the lie that 70% of the voters wanted an indoor pool at Spellerberg. Not sure how he can claim that, because that wasn’t even on the ballot. Many people who voted NO told me that they were either confused by the ballot language, or they simply wanted Spellerberg to be a greenspace park without any pools. But back to the secret group he announced;

Rolly Samp (Sioux Falls Attorney)

Dale Froelich

Dave Volk (Former State Treasurer and Janklow minion)

Brett Bradfield (USF)

Jon Sommervold (The Great Hall at the Pavilion is named after his mother)

Mike Crane (Sioux Falls Developer who has development investments with Cindy Huether)

Kathy Clark (Regional VP of Commercial Banking at Wells Fargo)

I scratch my head as to ‘what’ this secret group did. As you know before the election there were many complaints about the misleading videos and ballot language. Were these people behind the campaign of falsehoods? Speaking of white lies, Councilor Karsky peddles the ‘debt free’ mantra in the press conference also.


#1 Dan Daily on 08.16.14 at 11:44 am

The SON people have taken the city to court regarding the south Walmart. The complaint is ballot language. Worse is true for the pool election. In both cases, I blame the city attorney. It’s time to get him into a state ethics hearing. Walmart will be litigation stalled 3 years and they’ll build further south where a new retail center is needed and we’ll received. Sellersburg should also be stalled. It was nice for the city to restore the pool to original grass. With a stall, the feds should realize they need the land for VA hospital expansion. Perhaps, the city will also realize they need the 2,000 VA jobs. There’s potential for a new VA hospital with the new proposed nursing home east of Brandon. Hollywood Mike only focuses on fast food worker jobs. Middle income residents are not welcome because they’re active voters and insist upon constitutional liberty.

#2 Joan on 08.16.14 at 6:08 pm

Basically fast food type jobs are all that Daugaard brings in too.

#3 Titleist on 08.16.14 at 6:26 pm

Public schools!


#4 teatime on 08.17.14 at 10:47 pm

Tomorrow (the 18th) is the date of the ballot language hearing. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, or just hope that the judge issues a stay (on WM construction). Dan Daily — I’m with you on the ethics hearing. How does one go about getting this started?

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