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JL Beers to expand next to Chucky Cheese?

When I used to work for them, there was always talk of a second location by the Mall Area, looks like they are pulling the trigger.

11. New 2014-15 Retail Malt Beverage License for JLB-SF2 Inc., JL Beers, to be operated at 2530 South Louise Avenue.

SD #4 in the Nation for Beer Swillin’ (H/T – GP)

Just think how much of this beer drinking is Old Mil Light since they can’t afford Budweiser on their minimum wage jobs?

This week also marks the release of a new analysis of state-by-state beer consumption data from the Beer Institute, the national trade association representing America’s brewers, beer importers and industry suppliers. The annual ranking can be found in its entirety below. The analysis found that the five states that consumed the most beer per capita in 2012 were:

North Dakota – 45.8 gallons of beer consumed per person in 2012

New Hampshire  – 43.9 gallons of beer consumed per person in 2012

Montana – 41.0 gallons of beer consumed per person in 2012

South Dakota – 38.9 gallons of beer consumed per person in 2012

Wisconsin – 36.2 gallons of beer consumed per person in 2012

For the full per capita consumption ranking, please click here.

Am I in Heaven?

Nothing goes better together then an Old Stock Ale (North Coast Brewery) and a pipin’ hot chicken pot pie from Lick the Spoon!

Beer Discovery

Though Red Bridge is a Busch product, it is very tasty. I came across the beer accidentally a few days ago. The restaurant I work at prides itself on having a ‘Gluten Free’ menu and Red Bridge is a beer made from sorghum instead of wheat, a customer who ordered from the Gluten free menu drank two of the beers and suggested I try it, so I did . . . and it is pretty damn tasty. I would consider it close to Killian’s Red with a hint of Amber Bock, but what sets it apart is its sweetness. The aftertaste is very sugary almost unexpected. Would I recommend it to beer snobs? Nope. Would I recommend it to my friends who can’t eat Gluten? Hell yeah.

That’s some strong beer (H/T – Hos)

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This is a beer I can drink

Beer: is there anything it can’t do?


President Obama, Dr. Henry Gates, and Sgt. James Crowley of the Caimbridge police will meet over a beer  (link opens new window) on Thursday, presumably to talk race relations.

After the whole flap about Gates’ arrest and Obama’s comment afterwards, the president has taken a completely different tack than right-wingnut pundits expected. He invited his friend and the officer who arrested them over for a beer. While I preemptively agree with the president’s detractors that this is a PR move, you have to admit it’s a brilliant one. It wasn’t a statement issued and read at a press conference, not a half-assed apology, just a simple meeting over mankind’s favorite beverage.

Now, I wonder if an invitation to have a beer would get me out of my next speeding ticket…

“Deathgrip” Munson

Dave Munson, mild-mannered midwestern  mayor, or super hero?


Faster than a speeding Ford Fiesta! More powerful than a real estate developer! Able to leap tall buildings (complete with expensive windows) in a single bound!

At least we know Mayor Dave has a promising golden parachute job: the new bouncer at Minerva’s.

Open Thread – Good News Confirmed!

Dozens of Great new beers coming.. and one mediocre one...

Dozens of Great new beers coming.. and one mediocre one...

Starting MAY 11th, Dakota Beverage will carry New Belgium’s beers. Initially it will just be 22oz bottles and drafts, but the full line will be here mid July. Just in time for SouthDacola’s 1st Annual “Pitch a Tent” fest.

Dude, you’ve really let yourself go…

Kelo ran a story this morning titled “Dude to Dad”.