Laptop anyone?

I have found evidence of a connection between the laptop program and a campaign contributor. Huge link! Once I verify one last source I will post the info.

Did we know this all along?


#1 caheidelberger on 07.09.08 at 6:35 pm

Oh, Scott! Don’t leave us hangin’ like that! You’re such a tease….

#2 l3wis on 07.09.08 at 11:48 pm

Well, it isn’t HUGE, but predictable. What bothers me about this story is the media keeps focusing on the flap between the Leg and Gov, when this about another buddy-buddy contract between a Rounds contributor and the state. That is the real story and why he wanted to find money for this program. I find it ironic that the contractor’s company is based out of Watertown and Watertown just happens to be one of the districts that has the ‘pilot program’.

Everyone says though that it isn’t OUR money they are using because of a settlement with Citibank. But if the money is sitting in the state’s bank account, it is OUR money, whether they collected it from us or not. Government seems to think that once we hand over our taxdollars to them they can do what they want to with it. BS. They still work for us, and it is still our money.