Word is Lucinda Williams fell in love, and her new album, Little Honey reflects it. Critics are calling it her first HAPPY album, but Williams says it’s not so simple.

“There are a couple of songs that deal with sort of finding my joy,” Williams says. It’s a happiness that’s made some fans nervous about her ability to continue to write songs. For her part, she says that’s unlikely.

NPR talks to Lucinda about life, love and the new album earlier this month on All Things Considered: 11/1/08

Probably the greatest female songwriter of our generation (at least my opinion), Williams pleases with Little Honey. Real Love is a rocking treat, see a liver performance on David Letterman here.

Got an extra $15 bucks? ($10.99 on itunes) I HIGHLY recommend picking up this beautiful cd. Honey Bee will make you smile and want to dance, (it’s rocking and naughty) plus the cover of AC/DCs Long Way To The Top is a real treat.

2 Thoughts on “The Queen finds her joy.

  1. Ghost of Dude on November 11, 2008 at 4:09 pm said:

    She had a live show on XM the other day. Good stuff. The new songs sound great.

  2. I love the MILF’s that come to her concerts! Yeah!

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