I will have to admit, I was a little humbled last night. I sat down for a few cocktails after the SF city council meeting with two city councilors and and city employee. It was amazing to hear about all of the things they are working on behind the scenes (good stuff).

I kind of called the meeting because of my concerns, and instead of bringing my fat bitching beer belly to a council meeting public input, I decided this was a better approach.

We talked about;

• Code Enforcement

• Events Center

• Contract compliance

• Lyon County casino

• Mayoral election

I kind of promised I wouldn’t go into detail, but I will say this, they are working very hard on all of these issues, and trust me, there is turbulence and disagreement, but isn’t that why we pay attention? I can also say that some solutions are around the bend, and some are in lah-lah land.

By l3wis

10 thoughts on “Some meetings are worth having”
  1. I think there’s a huge difference between meeting with people to discuss and talk about solutions to issues and meeting with people just to say you met with them. Unfortunately, I think the Mayor is more geared towards the latter.

    Huether is going to try to stifle debate with his “I’ve talked to thousands of people and here’s what they think” approach. Sure he’s talked to thousands, but did he actually listen & engage or did he simply puke out his platitudes after smiling and nodding to whatever was being said?

  2. I’m impressed, no wonder you come to the top of google search.

    Turbulence prompts action. It can lead to progress once a direction is decided and there becomes resolve.

    Perhaps, there’s a dull Huether cliche to be added.

  3. Thousands of people are make believe munchkins from OZ. He’s a short shit mayor but when will he come to earth and acknowledge us.

  4. Someone should do press releases. There’s not much substance to Huether cliches. Jodi wasn’t worth $100K/year. How about Lady GaGA?

  5. You should have talked about Huether accomplishments like ordinances redraft and turning off the traffic camera. Not because he did it, because the city got sued.

  6. Trust me. We talked about Mike. I got the feeling that Mike is the Democratic version of Munson. In other words, he wants all the power that Munson enjoyed but wants to do different things with it, and the council, I think feels burned by Munson, so they want to nip it in the butt, but not because of Mike, but because of Dave.

    It’s complicated.

  7. What do you mean “Dem version” of Munson. If I recall correctly – Munson is also a Dem.

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