At a recent informational meeting they released river greenway improvements, and they showed the pedestrian bridge being manufactured. I can’t remember the cost, but I think it was between $500,000-$750,000. Yup, that is the kinda expenditures our city needs during this kinda economy.

By l3wis

13 thoughts on “Bridge to nowhere”
  1. I also will bet YOU will use this bridge as a part of your cycling approach to avoiding the streets.

  2. I agree, that is a good thing, but what I left out, this is not being made in SD, and it will be shipped here (that we will have to pay for).

    Ironically, Sioux Steel, that sits right next to the bridge site, could have probably built the bridge, ON SITE, for a lot less.

  3. Another bridge to nowhere. And built out of state no less when Sioux and Eggers Steel are in our own backyard. Does it mention that shoreline amphitheater on Cherapa’s doorstep? Another complete waste of taxpayer money.

  4. I agree Poly, it’s almost like, “We have this $5 million set aside, now we need to find something to spend it on.”

  5. Sioux Steel isn’t a structural steel processor.

    Egger & P&M are, but they likely got beat out by the out of State low baller who’s doing it. Unlike Iowa, we are more about cheap than supporting local businesses.

    The River greenway project is worthwhile and will yield results over the long term Exhibit A: San Antonio. A few years back you couldn’t give away riverfront land in Sioux Falls, now it’s fetching top dollar.

  6. I meant to mention Egger, instead of Sioux, my oops.

    “Unlike Iowa, we are more about cheap than supporting local businesses.”

    Really? I don’t think that bridge is cheap, kinda reminds me of the ‘custom’ planters downtown.

    Oh, I agree, the project is worhwhile, I just don’t understand putting all of that stuff in one place, seems like money is burning a hole in the pocket of the city.

  7. Debate about the necessity of the bridge is legitimate and a sign of a healthy democracy. But, if someone has evidence that the job wasn’t given to the lowest bidder they should come forward with it. Until then those types of comments are stupid.

  8. Nick – You do know that even though the city puts out 3 bids for every job the mayor or department director can override that decision and claim ‘best suited for job’ instead of ‘cheapest’. It’s very easy for the city to give the bids to whoever they please no matter the cost. We saw the evidence in this with the Pavilion window job.

  9. City defined ‘Usual Bid Process’. Whomever offers the most kickback. Read the ‘Millionare Book’, it’s why a mayor will spend $300K to be elected to a $100K job. It’s a one shot out of state acquisition that can’t be investigated. Transporting it should be about $75K and it’s built with union labor for a premium. It’ll collapse from inferior construction and the city will get trapped in an out of state court procedure.

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