Just reading the  Argus snowgates article and noticed SubPrime is blaming the snowgaters for his inability to order and use them right away.

“Huether said he would like to see them bought and used immediately, but the issue must wait until the April 2014 municipal election…”

Will he use the petition drive as a wedge issue? Sorry Mike, nice try, but here is the lowdown;

1) You allowed Council Chair Erpenbach to CENSOR us during the election meeting, even though YOU are the administrator of the meeting, and could have prevented it, then tried to wash your hands of it in an email to me a few days later.

2) You say you ENDORSE snowgates, but refused to sign our petition to allow people to vote on the issue.

3) The council denied our Spring 2013 election. If the election would have been allowed and snowgates passed, they would be in use by November 2013.

4) The council said that they didn’t BUDGET for a Spring 2013 election or for snowgates, so they could not go into affect Nov 2013. Yet you and the council appropriate and transfer funds at almost every council meeting through resolutions.

Keep pointing the finger Mike, in the mirror that is.

5 Thoughts on “Is MMM trying to ‘Huether’ a ‘Wedgie’ on the Snowgaters?

  1. pathloss on April 4, 2013 at 2:28 pm said:

    The 2014 election is near. Mike pissed off 10,000 petitioners. It will be reflected in the election. He’ a one term accident.

  2. pathloss on April 4, 2013 at 2:33 pm said:

    Still, I’d like to see him reelected so he’s sure to be in office when the events center scandal unfolds. He’s diverted funds, awarded contracts without competitive bids, and taken bribes. The end of his second term will be in federal prison.

  3. Helga on April 5, 2013 at 3:02 am said:

    One would think if Huether wanted to win friends and influence people he might just say in consideration of all the people who signed the snowgate petitions there is no need to wait for an election. I will just save you all the cost of an election and snowgates will be used this coming winter. Probably comes under the headline of Fat Chance.

  4. That is not possible, and thank goodness the initiative and referendum processes are protected legally in this way!!

  5. CR is right. MMM already had the city attorney look at it, and trust me, I am sure he tried to find an ‘out’. So now it is on to the voters. And I am not sure why voting on it a year early would change anything.

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