Seems like the SE Walmart doesn’t plan on breaking ground this summer, unless that includes breaking ground with tillage and planting equipment.

The corporate attorneys probably advised them that it would probably be a bad idea to start building a building before the State Supreme Court decided on the annexation.

Who knows?

By l3wis

3 thoughts on “Picture of the Day”
  1. This is a picture of South Dakota. Unconstitutional city government means to take away our heritage and culture. Isn’t it time to fight for a return to government of, by, & for the people.

  2. If they have a clear go ahead it doesn’t matter what is planted. They mowed down 40 acres of corn to start the east side Walmart. Not harvested, not silage, mowed. Paying the farmer $$40-50K to not wait until harvest is chicken feed. They make that much before noon on a slow day in a store in SF.

  3. OldSlew has a valid point. Also, crop loss can be deducted from other income. I like this picture. It’s peace & symbolism. Reminds me of many summers I spent in my teens driving tractor on my grandfather’s farm near Watertown. He once campaigned for governor as a democrat. Of course, he lost.

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