Badlands Buffoonery?

I’m sure you all received the first pressing of ‘Badlands Monthly’ (I’m going to try to get mine signed by Captain Caribou himself). One of my more conservative friends referred to the magazine that was cluttered with ‘Skulls and Flames’ as ‘Icky’. I’m an old school punk rock kid, so I think that stuff is cool (If I was still 17) and many of my paintings are themed in the car culture and pop art subject matter. I hold skulls and flames near and dear to my heart. My good friend (bless her butterfly and flower heart) went on to talk about the photo of the building. She said something like, “. . . with this building being in the backdrop of the Events Center and to have this photo of the pawn shop in this desolate setting is peculiar.” But hey, not to far off mark. It is pretty desolate out there.

Just what kind of development is happening around the Denny Dome? We have a bar sitting empty that has changed more hands then a 1992 Pontiac grand prix, the remains of an old hotel and a newly remodeled Rolling Pin (which looks nice, BTW). But other then that, not much happening (as promised to us in the Build it Now campaign). Heck, we haven’t even heard about a hotel, except for one the tax payers are going to subsidize at Elmwood. And what about all those shuttle rides from Downtown to events? Argus Leader reporter Joe Snevelmarvelous has a story coming out in the Sunday edition about the (lack of) development. As he said to me yesterday, “It’s good.”

Back to Captain Caribou. I think Badlands Pawn will be highly successful. Why? As I explained to Ms. Butterfly, we have two essential classes in Sioux Falls, the Rich and Wannabe Rich and the trailer park poor who will spend their last dollar on a pack of Camels and a used rifle. This is where the pawn shop steps in. Chuck knows his clientele, he has been making millions from them for years in Sioux Falls lending them money, he now can take it a step further and get them to spend that money at his heavy metal carnival center.

And Mayor Huether was worried about Royal River wanting to build a Casino here . . . geesh!


#1 Scott on 11.21.15 at 4:34 pm

You better get in line for that $1500 Zwarte VIP pass!

#2 Winston on 11.21.15 at 8:06 pm

I think it will be very successful too.

I remember learning from a Pawn Stars episode that prior to WWII, the number one lending source for most Americans was a pawnshop. Not until after the War, with the emergence of a healthy and growing middle class did banks begin to fill that demand as people were achieving higher standards of living requiring more conventional and properly regulated forms of lending.

Now, speed forward some 50+ years since the glory days of the American middle class of the 1950s and 1960s and we seem to be heading back to the pawnshops.

Although, Badlands Pawn is to some degree the successful product of ingenuity and marketing and the popularity of the pawn shop reality shows aside from any economic nesscessity. It is also, however, a sign of the decline of the American middle class, where the “Rich” still have their banks, the “Wannabee Rich” have their payday lending, and the “trailer park poor” have greater choice thanks to the re-emergence of the pawn shop.

Our free market economy always seems to have an answer, but I am not sure the answer this time is right or a healthy sign of things to come. You would think a nation which has put a man on the Moon and won the Cold War could give its citizenry more than the dreams of an “Apocalyptic” pawn no matter how entertaining it is to us all regardless of our economic class.

#3 The D@ily Spin on 11.22.15 at 11:59 am

It’s supposedly a center for pawn, guns, concerts, car racing, a radio station, crude but expensive clothing, a restaurant, etc.. It’s a good size building but where will everything fit.

I suppose it will eventually be surrounded by strip clubs and smut shops. Goes with the city Shapely Places theme. It’s also why the new city administration building will be next to Romantix. City employee perverts want near where there’s whopper edible panty value meals. Super size it.

Expect a new state lottery casinos cluster. It’s not near residential, schools, or churches. Not that it matters per state law. A pawn shop is perfect next to a casino. Pawn your wife’s wedding ring, lose your money, buy an untraceable gun, rob the casino to get your money back.

I’m sure the new P&G (pawn & guns) will get a liquor license. You can’t sell everything and buy a gun without celebrating gussling a bottle of MD 2020.

There was a time when Sioux Falls was number one of top ten cities. Now, we’ll be top city with top ten most wanted on FBI list.

I do like the Rat Rod. It’s an appropriate symbol for the working poor majority who don’t play tennis and their kids can’t afford Swimfox. Those who put together all makes into one car that might get them to and from jail on Sunday morning after Huether Human Roundups.

#4 The D@ily Spin on 11.22.15 at 12:11 pm

It’s sad. A city of hope with prosperity exceeding most US cities. It’s becoming another Detroit. Not bankrupt yet but close. There’s an empty Denny Dome and Arena because a new Pawn shop is better entertainment. We wanted a 5 star hotel but there’s gonna be a Huether Town tent city waiting for the pawn shop to open.

#5 **** on 11.22.15 at 12:50 pm

I doubt Chuck Brennan will ever outgrow his sleazebag reputation….from the days back when he was a Citibank collector to now being a pawnshop king.

#6 scott on 11.22.15 at 4:33 pm

after reading the article in the argus, i had to laugh at chuck stating the city told him all this development was happening, and he had no idea it wasn’t. imagine the b.s. that was flying around the room on both sides at that meeting.

#7 LJL on 11.22.15 at 7:33 pm

From the mailbox straight to the recycling. Didn’t even take it into the house.

Scumbag lone shark.

#8 Enough of shape places and mmm legacy on 11.22.15 at 8:23 pm

At least Brennan puts it all out there for us to see and make a decision to go and do business with. The concerts offered and pricing is pretty good. It’s the rotten untrusting city hall and some others that is deplorable. If thus venture is too good I bet the city contractors running the POS across the street will cry and need subsidies.

#9 anominous on 11.23.15 at 1:18 am


D@ily Spin: “… Pawn your wife’s wedding ring, lose your money, buy an untraceable gun, rob the casino to get your money back.”

#10 Dominator on 11.23.15 at 5:40 am

how will this place achieve solvency ? he has what…175 employees ? with his massive stockpiles of cash sitting around it prob won’t make a difference, but I’d love to be able to look at the books a couple of years from now.

#11 The D@ily spin on 11.23.15 at 9:56 am

The city council approved this. Tells us something about their character and morals. Russell Avenue can become the seeds for a new seedy side of town. At least it’s closer to new food lines and cheap hotels. Perhaps the downtown Huether Humans roundup will end. It’s a 4 lane one mile Mecca that’s easier for rednecks, roughnecks, and illegals to find. One stop shopping for pawn, guns, casinos, cage fighting, bar brawls, street racing, drug sales, and prostitution. Shape Places works. The shape of this place is Sodom & Gamora.

#12 SouthernExposure on 11.23.15 at 12:18 pm

Don’t forget the improvements to Dakota Lodge.

#13 John on 11.23.15 at 4:21 pm

But, now Brennan is being accused of living in the fast lane. He’s been caught in an ongoing prostitution investigation in Saint George, Utah, and Thursday night during a sting operation detectives arrested Brennan and eight other men who they say arranged to exchange money for sex.

Brennan faces a misdemeanor count of patronizing a prostitute and is scheduled to enter a plea for the crime later this month.

From 2011;

That’s when the Sioux Falls native who has built up several successful businesses will have to face a judge after Utah investigators say he was trying to make a transaction that was against the law.

#14 Defeat Huether 2018 on 11.23.15 at 6:55 pm

I could see Badlands opening up a Marijuana Dispensary within their mega pawn shop after it is legalized. All will be good on skid row across from the Denny Dome.

#15 Karl on 12.12.16 at 12:47 pm