2 Thoughts on “Stop the Funding FINAL ROUNDUP!

  1. From the Argus Leader:

    Councilor Theresa Stehly said ultimately the decision to sell the bonds is the mayor’s, no matter what action the council takes.

    “He’ll actually be the one to execute the bonding, and it’s within his authority to postpone that date and allow the citizens to have a voice in this matter,” she said.

    That seems like a 180 from her previous position.

    What happened to introducing an ordinance to delay the bond issuance so the citizens could vote on this?

    Look at the Argus poll. 61% of the people want to see this go to a vote.

    Wow, looks like Huether can get to anyone.

  2. Theresa Stehly is a strong supporter of our efforts. The five Councilors who pressed forward to stop the funding are all waiting for us to get the petitions turned in.

    There are still hundreds of petitions still out in the Sioux Falls community waiting for your signature. If you want to sign a petition, someone is at the west door of the Minnehaha County Administration Building from 9 to 4 until this is drive is done.

    We need to have every petition turned in if it has 1 signature or 20. Every Sioux Falls voter’s signature counts.

    We will arrange to pickup signed petitions or help you get a petition to sign. If you can help, we are looking at a push to get this part over. Will you help?

    This is the most amazing petition collection ever. Your help is important. Come see us and join the effort to Stop the Funding.

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