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New City Center Administration building has $118K in change orders

It looks like it was requests by the city, Item #2. Not sure why a lot of this stuff wasn’t included in the cost, especially the $37K in patio furniture (good grief).

Water Rates going up? That’s news to me.

Apparently Councilor Rick Kiley has a crystal ball, because he is predicting our water and sewer rates are going up;

“They foresee a possible increase of about $2 per month for a family of five,” city councilor Rick Kiley said.

Kiley says the city knew this day was coming.

“You never want to raise rates, but in a situation like this where we are at 82% capacity today, we have a community that’s growing by 5,000 people every year and we are bringing on regional customers in addition to that it’s the prudent thing to do now is to expand our existing facilities,” Kiley said.

The city council will be voting on the funding this project when it passes the city budget in October.

While I agree we need to fix up a 1980’s water treatment plant, if we didn’t switch the rates over to enterprise funds we could easily pay the bonds with 2nd penny CIP revenue without raising fees. But see, former mayor Bucktooth & Bowlcut wanted to free up the 2nd penny from paying for silly old water pipes, and use it for paying down bonds for monument building.

So now our taxes are going up for a new jail, and Minnehaha county admitted at their Tuesday meeting (Commissioner Barth) that there will likely be another opt out, put that on top of a 25 year around $300 million dollar new school bond and our already existing $300 million city debt, and things are going to get a lot more expensive in Sioux Falls, including taking a dump.

We should have put solar panels on the new admin building

(KELO-TV screenshot)

Funny how the small town of Sturgis has more common sense than Sioux Falls;

But then, someone suggested putting solar panels on top of the structure instead of canvas, and using the power to knock a big chunk out of the combination city hall/library building’s electrical bill.

While there has been plenty to say about our new $25 million dollar administration building and all it’s technology and LEED certification, why didn’t we put solar panels on it to power itself? Oh, because that would have made sense, and we can’t have any of that when building city facilities.

Detroit Lewis DOC review; Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

Love the above quote.

Some in power in this great town think they are the ONLY one who gets to make the grand decisions, like when it comes to Indoor Pools or Administration buildings.

In this Documentary, Jane Jacobs takes citizen activism to her city, NY, on a large scale;

Citizen Jane is a timely tale of what can happen when engaged citizens fight the power for the sake of a better world. Arguably no one did more to shape our understanding of the modern American city than Jane Jacobs, the visionary activist and writer who fought to preserve urban communities in the face of destructive development projects. Director Matt Tyranuer (Valentino: The Last Emperor) vividly brings to life Jacobs’ 1960s showdown with ruthless construction kingpin Robert Moses over his plan to raze lower Manhattan to make way for a highway, a dramatic struggle over the very soul of the neighborhood.

Jane shows that you can make a difference on a local level, and take on the ‘big wigs’ and win.

You’re gonna need a bigger bomb

Our Romantix Annex Office building is never without a story. The latest one we have is how the foundation may have erupted the budget. We’re sure the town’s chief marketing officer will find a way to dispute this but our construction sources are reporting the quartzite blasting has left the building already over budget – but the public will never know, because the CMAR process keeps that all secret-secret.

The need for heated underground parking garage for special cars to be parked is putting the building behind before it is finished. What do you suppose they are going to say was unimportant so the building can com in “under” budget?

Progress at the City’s Romantix Annex

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Award & Reward Night (Jan 17, 2017)

Stop the Funding gave our appreciation plaques to the 8 current and former Sioux Falls city Council members on January 17, 2016 during the Public Input section of the meeting. Some members of the dais were not very happy.

Thank you to Greg Jamison, Dean Karsky, Kermit Stagger, Christine Erickson, Greg Neitzert, Marshall Selberg, Theresa Stehly and Patrick Starr for all you did with your votes and support for the 6,404 signers!

The video has no audio because of Sioux Falls City Attorney ruling just prior to the the meeting so to hear the entire video as it was to be played click here: Romantix Annex Groundbreaking https://youtu.be/vXCDb1_3PzU or www.southdacola.com.

The ‘1 Voter’ building is coming (Jan 9, 2017)

All it takes is one voter to win, as long as it is the right voter and Mike Huether is the voter. If it were not for a self-serving servant of his own mind, this unnecessary building day would have never happened.

In a world of streamlining office concepts ostentatious office buildings for city government are becoming a thing of the past. Our spender in chief can only find value in spending money, not his, yours.

When you look to the future and wonder why you can’t get your sewer working, more than a dribble from your faucet or potholes fixed remember January 9, 2017 when this show of mayoral gloating occurred.

Mike Huether masterminded the building of the Romantix Annex city office building and cast the all-important veto to win the day. The 6,500 petition signers will never forget this betrayal of public trust.

Washington Square VS. City Administration Building

I’m just putting it out there, is it fair to compare the two buildings in cost and size and what would be accomplished?

Washington Square with a price-tag of $28 million;

Washington Square will feature 22 luxury condos, 7-thousand square feet of retail space, 22-thousand square feet of office space and nearly 200 additional public parking spots.

The city administration building is $25 million;

The city this week unveiled details surrounding a proposed 79,000-square-foot city administration building in downtown Sioux Falls that would include three stories and a basement level featuring 34 underground parking spaces.

I guess if I was comparing apples to apples, Washington Square is getting more bang for the buck.

City Admin Building approved by only ONE PERSON; Mayor Huether


Groundbreaking (looks like a lot of city employees got to take an afternoon break)


In 2016 citizens organized an effort to hold the Sioux Falls administration accountable. We were asking questions. No one wanted to answer. To this day no one including the mayor of Sioux Falls Has adequately answered the most important question, “Why is this building so important?”

No one was or still willing to question the need for this building. So As the building is constructed we will be more involved in over seeing the process. We citizens Of Sioux Falls want a fiscally sound government, not a government operated on a high interest credit card.

In April of 2014 the Sioux Falls City Council was presented without notice a building plan. This plan was rejected several times by the City Council. The only person who insisted on this building was the mayor of Sioux Falls, Mike Huether. The Mayor set the stage for a final act of defiance toward the citizens by pushing this building onto our infrastructure budget.

We wish to thank five of the eight members of the City council who opposed this building. For the lack of one vote to override the veto, we could have had  a sane and clear meaning to this building.

As of now, we will have another dent in our credit without roads to drive on.

January 9, 2017

For more information contact:

Bruce Danielson

(605) 376-8087


Thanks to councilors Starr, Stehly and Erickson for NOT showing up to the ground breaking.