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Events Center Complex loses $2.5 million in past year

Of course, it was no surprise they lost this much, it was just a little unusual we heard it at a SF City Council informational meeting from the finance director. The complex (EC, CC and Arena) was probably expected to lose money during Covid, but as I have mentioned over the past few days and weeks, the Denty hasn’t exactly been that stellar in attendance for well over a year and trust me, the bleeding of the complex will continue well into 2021.

What was not included in the discussion is the $10 million a year bond payment the taxpayers will continue to have to pay out of our 2nd penny (which should be spent on needed infrastructure and roads). We will also have to keep the lights and heat on as well and timely maintenance while the city’s finance director has given sponsors a pass on paying their dues.

While the management company has said they laid off many people, what they didn’t mention is if the executives took a pay cut? I mean really? What are you doing right now? I can only imagine they have all built George Costanza beds under their desks. Why not just furlough the entire management company until we can start booking shows again? Why are the taxpayers subsidizing these salaries?

The Washington Pavilion, as I understand, cut 25% of their workforce, for that very reason, if you have no shows, you don’t need people to work them.

As I said, the Denty was already bleeding, and this place will eventually become the dented up yolk around taxpayers necks for decades. I don’t expect the place to turn a profit again for at least 5 years, but that’s okay, we can keep digging into the taxpayer’s pockets even though almost 50% voted against it.

Mitchell, SD has it’s fair share of Village idiots

I’m sure you may have seen this video. There are many things difficult to understand here, but than I remember this happened in Mitchell, SD.

First off, if someone asks you to wear a mask, just do it. It’s not political, and no one is stealing your civil liberties. It is obvious this doofus showed up to the meeting to cause trouble because he wasn’t going to wear a mask.

But secondly, whether you agree with his stance or not, police CANNOT enforce a school ‘mandate’. A mandate is NOT  law, it’s a firm suggestion. Not to mention, this occurred in a public building that this person owns. The officers did do something right, they didn’t arrest the fellar, because if they would have, he could have sued their butts off.

Besides the failings of this gentleman trying to prove how much he supports Trump or mask ignorance in general, and the blatant disregard of law by the police officers, remember, wearing masks is good (indoors) and don’t infringe on your civil rights, and if you are NOT breaking the law, you don’t have to listen to the police. There always seems to be this belief that you must let officers detain you because they are officers. But if they can’t tell you what law you are breaking, they can’t arrest you. Mr. Mitchell Doofus wasn’t breaking any laws, just the law of common sense. And if that is against the law, they need to arrest a lot of people.

Noem stiffs struggling South Dakota workers while bailing out their low wage employers

Well, I am not surprised, I knew Noem would find a way to bail out businesses instead of workers with the Covid money;

Gov. Kristi Noem will use nearly a third of the $1.25 billion in pandemic relief funds that South Dakota received this spring for a small business grant program.

Noem announced via her social media accounts Thursday afternoon that $400 million in CARES Act dollars allocated to South Dakota will be designated for small businesses that have suffered during the coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, we all know what a government ‘grant’ is, it is a handout, never to be paid back, and highly unlikely to trickle down to these business’ employees.

I suggested early on that this money go directly to individual South Dakotans so they could it invest back into our communities, whether that is paying bills or saving money for healthcare or for higher education, instead, she does what she does best, piss it down the legs of businesses that will hardly trickle that golden shower down onto the rest of us. I would really like to see how much of this money will be used to expand these businesses and hire more workers at living wages or a way for them to just pay off debt. I’m sure the legislature will conduct a study on it next year. Yeah right.

Taxpayers may have to bailout the Pavilion

Hey, I don’t blame the Pavilion for having to cancel their shows, Covid has wreaked havoc on the entertainment industry;

The Washington Pavilion has canceled its 2020-21 Performance Series, which would have brought hit shows such as “Fiddler on the Roof,” “Hairspray” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to Sioux Falls.

Many Broadway tours have been put on hold or canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a letter to supporters, the Pavilion said it is working to rebook as many shows from this season as it can for next season.

This will hit the Pavilion hard since they depend on this revenue to float them each year. In fact the Pavilion has made money from these shows over the years and if they didn’t have to float the arts center and science centers (which lose money) the Pavilion would have been very profitable. The problem is they don’t split the pot of money up between the entities, they just move it around.

Of course they have a plan, not a very good one mind you;

While refunds will still be offered, the loss of the tours has put the Pavilion “in a very challenging situation,” Smith said. “As a nonprofit reliant on ticket sales, sponsorships and gifts of support from the community, the loss of these tours – a $3 million impact – has put the organization in a very challenging situation. We are asking our loyal customers – if they are able – for their support at this unprecedented time.”

In all reality, it will probably be the taxpayers that will have to bailout the Pavilion during this down economy. But we have already been giving it millions in maintenance for years. It is what I suspected it would turn into, a money pit, and the Events Center and Aquatic Center are not to far behind.

The stark similarities between Covid and 9/11

There are many things we did not learn from 9/11 and the wars we started based on lies. How is Trump’s misadventure any different?

On 9/11 about 2,977 Americans died that day. We were attacked by extremist terrorists who mostly originated from Saudi Arabia, yet instead of putting sanctions on that country we attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan and Iraq. Over 7,000 American soldiers have died and as of 2019 we have spent $6.4 trillion.

It seems we have been down this path before; lies & miscalculations are costing Americans lives and capital, and what do we have to show for it? Millions unemployed, without healthcare, around 200K dead and millions infected, yet we keep steaming down the Sadaam Hussein path. When will we learn from history? When we lie to the public it costs us, dearly.

City of Sioux Falls Tidbits

After an incident over the weekend where SFPOs were caught cussing out suspects, the Chief of Police claims there is nothing to see, move along. As I have been saying for years, further proof we need body cams, but as he said last week, no policy changes. Shocker. They also need some diversity training and paid physical fitness time.

Sales taxes are in the crapper, but no surprise. As about 15% of the workforce in Sioux Falls lost their jobs and nobody was spending any money – we saw this coming. I just hope the budget hearings that start tomorrow prepare for this.

Speaking of money, the city could get up to $41 million in Covid money but Mayor Multi-task doesn’t think we need it. The covid crisis is far from over, and as you noticed, the cases in SD remain on an even keel and are NOT going down. If this continues into the fall and winter, we may need some of that money to combat the crisis further. Nothing wrong with planning ahead, wait, this administration doesn’t know what that means. Let’s just keep the libraries and pools closed, that’s the ticket!The Public Transit board met today but no one really knows what is on the agenda because it wasn’t posted on the agenda page. Of course this is a violation of open meetings laws not having the agenda posted (except in this mysterious zoom document). But they have been violating those rules for a couple of years now, why do anything differently?

Do Lifeguards, Librarians and City Directors have vulnerable immune systems?

In a recent national medical study funded by a local government agency they found some startling results; public employees who work as librarians, lifeguards, city directors and managers have very poor immune systems. So poor, the common cold could knock they out for months, even have life-threatening results.

Dr. Bowlshyt who assisted with the study said, “We kept wondering why everyone else in the private sector was going back to work, and managing Covid infections just fine except this group of the workforce. Heck even firefighters, public works employees and police were having low cases.”

For a long time here in our own city and across the country there seemed to be a reluctance to open public libraries, swimming pools and local government offices, now we know why.

“Some have argued that this group may be arrogant, or paranoid for not going back to work like everyone else, like they are some special class of people. But that may not be the case,” continued Dr. Bowlshyt, “While we did find a high level of anxiety and paranoia with this group, we chalked it up to being public employees. But what we found in our medical study is that not only do some of them lack a backbone (said in a sarcastic tone) but they virtually have NO immune system either.”

This may explain why our city and many other cities refuse to send these people back to work. They may have had this medical data all along.

Economist Darrell Dewnuthin also weighed in on the economic side of paying these people while they ‘Joe Biden’ it in their basements, “Well, in reality, does this sector of people really work anyway? Have we noticed any change to the functionality of our cities while this sector of people have been absent? None to report. Cities have actually been saving money because they don’t have these facilities open.”

The only difference is that the taxpayers are still paying the wages and benefits associated with this group of people while they essentially ‘work’ from home. But it’s kind of hard to check out a book, swim in a pool or get a building permit from places that are closed. So what really have they been working on the past several months?

Local citizen advocate Pam Tanga thinks she knows the answer to that question, “What they have been doing before Covid hit. NOT MUCH!”

Is it time to allow Downtown Sioux Falls Bars to sell open container?

Across the country this has been common practice for awhile, and with Covid many businesses have been adapting by selling cocktails to go in takeaway orders.

I have advocated for a long time that city ordinance should change, specifically during the summer months, that Downtown bars should be able to sell drinks to go in plastic cups for strolling Downtown strictly.

I don’t think this should be a free for all, but I think it would help out the Downtown hospitality industry in extra sales.

Give me your pros and cons.

Covid Holiday in Sioux Falls

So I have been hearing rumors that residents from Minnesota are coming to Sioux Falls for ‘Covid Holiday Weekends’. The latest was a group of middle-aged ladies who spent the weekend shopping, getting their hair and nails done than having a nice dinner downtown.

Maybe that is why Noem decided to keep everything open, Covid tourism.

Social Distancing? Not so much

I found this picture on FB last night, this is a line outside a popular bar in DTSF. While the restrictions are not set to lift until Tuesday, I have noticed many drinking establishments have chosen to just ignore them anyway. And why not? There are no leaders or people in authority in charge in this town. The worst part about this pandemic isn’t scenes like this, it is the total lack of leadership by our elected officials. Why implement half-baked rules with no real teeth if people are just going to ignore them anyway?