So who will win the battle of the most borrowing, debt creating Mayor in the History of Sioux Falls?

In eight years Munson racked up $158 Million approximately. To his credit, most went to infrastructure projects like Lewis and Clark, that had a single price tag of $70 million.

Conservatively, Huether has racked up $150 million and some change, with the biggest expenditure being the Events Center ($114 million) which will end up costing us $180 million after interest is paid.

Many have argued that Mayor Huether has accomplished a lot since he has been mayor, but when you steal your parents credit card anything is possible.

Who wants to go to the indoor pool? It’s on the rents!

By l3wis

2 thoughts on “King of Debt; Munson vs. Huether”
  1. and this guy wants to be Governor in this state…Huether should save his breath…DOA that campaign would be

  2. Can’t say I favored Munson. Police were unchecked and abusive during his tenure. He invoked debt but most of it was justified and we now enjoy the impact from public improvement projects. The 10 ball fields on the east side seemed a splurge but if he didn’t develop the land it would go back into a private endowment estate. Real Munson debt was more like 80 million. He should be dictator instead of Huether.

    You’ve under estimated Huether. There’s millions more. 180 for an Events Center, 30 million for Indoor Aquatics, 30 million for a city building, 25 million for a proposed parking ramp (2 million to tear down a same size good one), 10 million in TIF’s, 5 million for river walk stuff, 2 million for parking meters, 2 million bailing out Washington Pavillion, half a million for private tennis, etc.. Add in Munson’s 80 million going forward. We’re at half a billion in debt and none of these projects are profitable or even self sufficient so there’s about 3 million just keeping them open and maintained. This is 6 years of Huether. There’s 2 more years. I suspect his goal is a billion setting a Guinness record for a city this size. That’s Munson for 10 terms.

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