City Archive of Videos on YouTube is the Tip of the Iceberg

As you may have probably noticed on South DaCola’s YouTube channel, Cameraman Bruce has been working hard on loading the city’s public videos;

A Sioux Falls activist is taking it upon himself to download and archive thousands of city government videos in an effort to make sure they’re always available to the public.

We have also been working on another special project that will change the way you can research and monitor local government, without my editorial rants, details coming soon. It’s gonna be YUGGGE!


#1 Bruce on 07.27.17 at 8:08 pm

It’s YUGGIST THING, thanks Joe Sneve and Scott!

#2 The D@ily Spin on 07.28.17 at 9:28 am

Southdacola has become my resource for local news and special events. TV and Argus have become vague, nearly irrelevant, and advertiser influenced. Social media has become a better method for finding depth and detail. I like sorting out the information for myself instead of having it force fed via subliminal pressure that’s often merely propaganda. Blogs have become more honest and less ordered directive than City Link. When a City Link program starts, the piss rolling over the Falls tells me there’s BS. It might work at senile senior centers but we (the people) absorb it like we ignore the fast talk and small print before or after drug commercials.

#3 Bruce on 07.29.17 at 9:54 am

When you click the VIDEOS Youtube Channel link you will now find 1907 videos find the Playlist of your interest and start watching. More to come.

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