While it’s nice that Sanford has money for liquor licenses, suite’s at the Denty, Sports Bars, Basketball arenas and now a tourist trolley, shouldn’t Sanford & Avera be looking at a private/public partnership with Paratransit?

“We’re always proud to support services in our communities,” said Paul Hanson, Sanford Health executive vice president. “We know how much visitors love the Sioux Falls trolley service and couldn’t be happier to support it.”

While that’s great, I just wish our health systems would focus on ‘health’. I think a partnership with the hospitals and paratransit could be inked. Besides, I think the Trolley should be paid for out of the CVB’s BID Tax, but I guess they refuse. Well at least Sanford is fulfilling one empty promise from the former mayor and the CVB;

The trolleys also will be available as a shuttle service between downtown and the Denny Sanford Premier Center for major events throughout the year.

Premier Center entertainment district here we come!

4 Thoughts on “Maybe our Health Care Mega-Plexes should partner with Paratransit instead?

  1. A hundred years from now, people will say, “Did you know that Sanford started out as a health care system?”…. It will be like American Express, which started out as a shipping business. Except, that AE never claimed to be a non profit, nor did they impact your health care costs with their adventures….

  2. Warren Phear on May 30, 2018 at 4:23 pm said:

    No, sanford did not start out as a health care system. sandord started out as a fee harvsting credit card scam. Although it is just a side job now, it’s where he cut his teeth. Scamming little ol ladies, high school age kids, and minimum wagers into a fee harvsting credit card.

  3. WP, point well taken…. 😉 (….Sioux Valley (Sanford) started out as a health care system…..)

  4. Rachel on May 31, 2018 at 3:21 pm said:

    Many of the patients I see, can’t afford their medical bills, can’t afford their prescriptions..maybe the least we could do is at least assist them with transportation to and from the places where they receive their care. I when I say the least(sarcasm), we should do more to follow through on the mission statements of both hospitals. I don’t think one in particular is at risk for financial peril.

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