Pat is back from his European vacation, and I am his guest tomorrow, around 4ish. We may talk about Italian art, but I am guessing not . . .

By l3wis

4 thoughts on “The Return of Lalley, KSOO 1000 AM”
  1. Europe? I enjoy Southeast Asia but I might try it. What happens with travel is you check in with BBC and Al Jazirra. It’s interesting their perception of the most powerful country in the world (USA). You see how you look and it’s not pretty.

  2. Are you going to be able to be at da mayor’s big party downtown at 4:30?

    I drove past the new street paving on Saturday and noticed it was another quickie job in asphalt. I had assumed by all the hype, it was to be concrete so it would last. I guess it is just as temporary as Mikey’s image stamped on all the buildings he forced us to buy with his single vote or veto.

    It won’t seem to be the proper end to this sorry saga without you there.

  3. Maybe the drunken ghosts from Van Eps Park’s past will show up to disrupt the ceremony…. If so, City officials can always run to Romantix for cover….

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