Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, July 3, 2018

City Council Informational Meeting – 4 PM

Presentation from the Planning Department about Accessory Dwellings in Residential areas (I think there was changes in the law).

May Monthly Financial Report

*There is now public input at ALL city council meetings. The public input will be at the end of the meeting.

City Council Fiscal Meeting – 4:30 (after informational meeting)

2017 Sales & Use Tax Available Fund Balance Presentation

Revenue Sources and Budget Projections Presentation

I’m assuming that these presentations will be made to prepare the city council for the upcoming budget hearings. The ‘story’ going around is that the city directors are saying we don’t have much money coming in. Which I find ironic considering they probably want to jack up our water/sewer rates while borrowing $30 million for the safety training center. I know that several city councilors have said that they are curious why we didn’t apply for state and federal grants to help pay for the training center. There are several programs available. They are also curious why the Public Assurance Alliance didn’t assist in trying to find these grants?

Also important to note, there is another rumor circulating that city hall has interviewed three(?) candidates for Finance Director, and they are all local people.

*There is now public input at ALL city council meetings. The public input will be at the end of the meeting.

City Council Regular Meeting – 7 PM

I guess we will start the meeting off by singing ‘God Bless America’ I’m assuming to celebrate Independence Day. I think it would be more appropriate to recite the Declaration of Independence, but what do I know?

Item #45, 2nd Reading, Public Input. I expect at least one Amendment to allow visuals. Not sure if any other amendments will happen. Public Input will remain at beginning, but limit to 30 minutes (10 speakers, 3 minutes each) and now public input will be allowed on ALL agenda items, which now includes 1st Readings.

Item #50, Transfer of Appropriations, I found it curious that we are funding $145K for Aquatic Facilities Development, Professional Services. Not sure if this is for consultant work or actual brick and mortar. I know when the Midco Aquatic Center was being planned the Parks Department talked about building another indoor pool. I think once that facility starts at least breaking even and is used to it’s capacity, than we can talk more indoor pools. I also see the Sanford Sports Complex building their own indoor pool facility within the next 5 years to compliment what is already there. There has also been talk about an indoor Water Park in that area, which wouldn’t surprise me.

Planning Commission Meeting – 6 PM, July 5 (due to Wednesday holiday, this meeting is one day later than normal.)


#1 D@ily Spin on 06.30.18 at 8:33 am

Where’s the 30 million project we don’t get to vote on because 6400 petition signatures were ignored?

#2 35agram on 06.30.18 at 9:09 am

What grant programs are available that will fund capital projects (buildings)?

Yes, there are grants for people and equipment, but Sioux Falls usually can’t get those because there are so many other cities applying with lower staffing levels and older equipment SF doesn’t get awarded anything.

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