City Finance Department gives ‘Half’ the story about outside Counsel

Once again, we are given the ‘Dog and Pony’ show about what the city spends on outside legal counsel.

As I point out at the end of today’s informational meeting, the city hides what they spend on legal counsel thru budgeting it in ‘consulting’ in the individual departments, or hide it with the Public Assurance Alliance in which we pay premiums to.

It’s time for the city to release what they spend on legal counsel, throughout city departments AND through the PAA.

There has also been rumors that the PAA and the city are negotiating a (secret) settlement for the death at Falls Park.

And how did those lawyers get access to an actual safety report when the city said one does not exist?

I’m starting to think the money we are spending on legal counsel as a city is a gigantic waste of money.

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#1 D@ily Spin on 09.05.18 at 9:44 am

Considering the size of the city attorney office and cases lost, one must assume outside council is needed because of the incompetence. How about this? One city attorney and one secretary with all legal representation contracted. Cheaper (a million or so), better (a win once in awhile), and 30 or so fewer golden parachute retirement packages.