Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, Oct 23, 2018

City Council Informational Meeting • 2 PM

I guess they are going to start the meeting off with a shotgun and go into executive session right away, than onto more planned city initiated annexations (they just won’t give up).

City Council Joint meeting with Minnehaha County Commission • 5 PM

The ‘Wedding Barn’ zoning is back (ironically so close to Halloween) and it looks like there is more sidewalk changes to county property. (click to enlarge)


#1 "Beach Week" on 10.22.18 at 4:19 pm

Don’t forget the “Breakfast Club” on the 24th!…..:

(Bender?)….. (Oh, and I didn’t know that Mark Fuhrman use to be an actor, too……)

#2 "Beach Week" on 10.22.18 at 4:21 pm

Sorry, 😉