By l3wis

9 thoughts on “Interesting Sponsor on Mayor TenHaken’s FB page”
  1. Better he than Huether for higher office. It takes donations and political favors to get elected. He’s got lots of devious character yet to be exhibited.
    KELO had a good idea sending Huether around the state in a tennis shoe car. He needs to cry and irritate people around the state so he’ll never again hold public office.

  2. Yep, the next Thune, and what Democratic nominee from 2018 was co-Chair of his mayoral campaign?…. I forgot.

  3. Is he tied to the Memphis version or the Ohio version operating since at least 2000 supporting right wing Democrats?

  4. Have you noticed pth is branding himself and rebranding the town he does not own as #onesiouxfalls? Its as if he was running already for higher office?

  5. I’m starting to think all these ‘servant-leaders’ belong to the same church.

  6. Maybe he’s a Democrat except on choice and orientation. I know Billie tried something like that.

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