Next Generation Leadership PAC

I guess one of the reasons the PAC cannot be found is because somehow the filings for the PAC have disappeared off the city’s website. I was able to get a screenshot of the last page of the PAC’s July 3rd filing thru a city contact. Curious that city employees have access to this document but citizens don’t. But I don’t have time to go into that rant and how our new innovation department is finding ways to hide information from citizens unless you have a traceable login.

You will see below in PTH’s July 3rd filing he received an almost $25K donation from the PAC. The same day, the PAC filed itself. It seems they are on a mission to recruit more candidates like Paul. God help us all!

(The rumor in political circles, and the reason Dusty Johnson had a freakout on a fellow Republican in RC recently is because they believe Rounds will not run again for senate, leaving Johnson to run for that seat and TenHaken to run for Dusty’s current seat, but like I said,  just gossip at this point.)

I also find it interesting that Joel Dykstra was not only the treasurer of PTH’s campaign but also the PAC’s. Well isn’t that convenient? You may know Joel who got his rear end kicked by Tim Johnson. But Joel is also a well known developer around town that likes any developer welfare and zoning breaks he can get from Sioux Falls taxpayers. I guess this is what they mean by ‘Next Generation’. Republican elected officials taking money from the working poor and turning into big profits for his ilk.

Joel also gave money to Alex Jensen. This must be their first ‘recruit’ in the PTH Next Gen movement. I expect more recruits from this PAC that has seemed to slide under the radar up until this point. I guess it helps when public officials conveniently hide your filings (if someone can provide a link, I will gladly retract that statement).

At least we have cleared the air on who they are so far, it will be interesting to watch them dump bundles of money into ineffective campaigns and lose. (PTH’s full report: 20180703-TenHaken-CFDRT (1)

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#1 "'Extremely' Stable Genius on 05.29.19 at 9:39 pm

I believe House rules require a tie. Unless there is a religious exemption for clean cut, open collar, fundamentalists.

“At my church, we can’t tie one on in more ways than one”……..#CStreetNation

Dusty should change is name to George, too, then all the GOP would need is a “Ringo”……Or, is that Noem?

But on a more serious note, how sure are we about this Rounds thing? What is interesting though, is that Thune has almost 12 million, while Rounds has just over a million in the bank right now according to recent FEC reports, but Rounds is the one up for re-election sooner.

If Dusty does run for the Senate, however, a Democrat just needs to ask Dusty if he is for the wall or not. And if he disagrees with Trump’s executive orders concerning this issue, then why doesn’t he fight Trump as well on tariffs and trade, which currently hurt South Dakota farmers?…..”If you are really not for the wall….. Then the least you could do is do a better job fighting for the farmers who are up against one”…

#2 Licensed Dutch Mafia Cement Dealer on 05.29.19 at 9:44 pm

If they end-up serving together in the Senate someday, how would it be handled alphabetically? Who would be first, that is, Thune or ThuneHaken?

#3 Fearing the future on 05.29.19 at 11:17 pm

Wait a minute, if ThuneHaken runs for the House, then KELO might lose one of its reporters in true Knobe and Cooper (and not so much Vernon) fashion….. And wouldn’t that be a return of a Mike from a mic?…..#HeIsBack

#4 Conservative Here on 05.30.19 at 2:20 pm

Well we learned in school it would be Thune first then ThuneHaken. So that is settled!!

#5 Former Avanetti/2020 Campaign Mgr. on 05.30.19 at 6:13 pm


Yes, we did learn that in school, but we also learned in civics back in the day that obstruction of justice was impeachable and promoting racism was not civil nor right. But today, our political leaders are either silent to these two realities, or they want to give the orange mess a “B.”

#6 Fleet Farmer on 05.31.19 at 1:43 pm

With no Dillard’s, no railroad yard development, and just a bunker ramp, it might be time to move on to the House……(“But I thought ‘Leadership Teams’ were going to take care of all of this?” (“Oh, what until you see C Street…It’s alot of fun…”))