Make sure you are wearing clean underwear

This may as well be what the sign at the entrance should say, because it doesn’t mean a hill of beans.

They could avoid all this by just allowing BYOB, but there is always someone who MUST make a buck from a PUBLIC function.

First off, NO ONE can search your property in a public park without a warrant, and that person needs to be with law enforcement, Levitt employees/volunteers or rent-a-cops don’t count. They CAN search without a warrant as long as there is reasonable suspicion (like a bazooka, hookah or bottle of Jack Daniels is sticking out of your backpack or cooler).

But if your cooler is closed and backpack zipped up and they ask to look inside, just say, ‘No Thanks, come back with a warrant.’

You often see these signs at other concert events, but they are usually fenced in on private property and ticketed events. In a public space at a public event no one has the right to ‘search’ you without cause. But hey, the sign is a nice gesture for those that are paranoid.

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#1 D@ily Spin on 06.21.19 at 3:32 pm

Police regularly ignore civil rights. There’s a reason cops don’t have body cameras. If you won’t let them search you, you’ll get the Rodney King and they’ll probably plant drugs or needles on you. All citizens should make a cell phone video to defend yourself and others from the SS. It’s a shame when your protection is but evidence from the resistance.