It was a great season, only 2 concerts got fully cancelled (?) and tonight’s concert ended after about 4 songs due to lightning and rain. One more tomorrow night to wrap it up with local rockers Kory & the Fireflies.

I took this picture last night of the accordion player from the High Kings.

And I saved all my drink tickets from the concerts. Ironically, the guy who complained about not being able to bring his own beer bought quite a few drinks.

By l3wis

2 thoughts on “Best Levitt picture”
  1. Very busy summer for us. Wanted to go many times, but… Next year? Planning on many nites there. Curious. The drink tickets? Am seeing that more and more. Why? Security issue?

  2. We should keep the Sioux Steel pup tents even after redevelopment of that area. They could be used to house and relocate Levitt concerts and their goers during an approaching storm……#TheShowMustGoOn!

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