UPDATE: Sioux Falls City Councilor Neitzert’s challenger needs to learn the rules of engagement

UPDATE: I see after 4 years on the city council, Neitzert really has nothing to say about his service. It’s all about the Benjamins.

So I have been hearing for the last couple of months that the owner of Swamp Daddy’s would be challenging Neitzert, he will announce formally tonight.

But Mr. Beaudion needs to learn a little about challenging a popular incumbent;

“My campaign has nothing to do with him. It has everything to do with the people of Sioux Falls,” Beaudion told the Argus Leader Friday morning. “I’m not running against Greg. I’m running for the people.”

Oh boy, another one of these positive campaigner. For the record, I have never spoken to or met Julian.

If you are going to beat a popular incumbent like Neitzert, you need to reveal the bad aspects of his record, and he has quite the list. He has flip-flopped on about every issue from the city administration building, bunker ramp, tax increases, and numerous zoning issues.

In order to ‘beat’ your opponent, you have to show us why you would do a better job, in other words you need to counter Neitzert at every front, and confront him about his horrible record. Simply just telling us you are running for ‘US’ won’t cut it, and Neitzert will easily beat you.

To tell you the truth, I would like to see a lot more people in that race.


#1 "'Extremely Stable Genius" on 09.13.19 at 3:37 pm

Exactly, there are too many in the Democratic Party like that, too.

In running against Rounds and Dusty, they want to talk about gerrymandering. What? Gerrymandering? When 56% of the state rejected the issue in 2016? What? Gerrymandering? When you are running for a federal position and we are one big at-large state for the US House and you can’t gerrymander a federal senate seat begin to with. What are these candidates thinking?

We have too many softees in the Democratic Party, who are “Minnesota Republicans” and they don’t want to directly challenge their Republican friends. Because in my opinion, they just want to network with them if they ever win…. (“Don’t burn bridges”….(“Oh, I am so scared.”))

People need to start having some balls in this state, when comes to dealing with the establishment. I am sick entired of this lame liberalism. This wine and cheese liberalism that does not have an ounce of economic liberalism in their blood.

Frankly, these types of Democrats are a greater problem for the heart and purpose of the Democratic Party in this state then dyed in the wool Republicans could ever be.

#2 AH on 09.14.19 at 10:16 am

Dude. It’s day one. Stay tuned.

#3 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 09.14.19 at 12:34 pm

Well, I hope day two includes Dusty being for and against the wall, and Rounds trying to save ObamaCare on MSNBC, while tries to kill it on FOX.

So far in recent weeks. I have noticed good Democrats, who are for some reason publicly giving the thumbs up to TenHaken (The next Thune) on social media (prior to the storm). They attend Republican senatorial announcements. They take money from high profile Republicans, and in fact, one group of Democrats in this state have a PAC, where they gave all of their money to Republican legislative candidates.

Oh, and not to forget, two of the last three
Lt.G Democratic nominees in this state have been historic Republicans, and not to mention that our 2010 gubernatorial nominee was a lifetime Republican, and our 2018 gubernatorial nominee had a voting record in the legislature, which was more conservative than the average Republican legislator, and he was also pro-gun, pro-life, and pretty much claimed you had to be a Christian to run for office. So I guess you see why I am suspicious or cynical about everything, right?

( – and Woodstock asks: “‘Dude?’…..”That sounds like a fighting word coming from a beach.”)

#4 "'Extremely' Stable Genius" on 09.14.19 at 12:38 pm

Oh, and I forgot about Dusty’s opponent in 2018, who was very pro-life and pro-gun….. Trust me, my suspicions are justified.

( – and Woodstock ponders once again: “Is the S.D. Democratic Party in this state a mere refugee camp for ‘Minnesota Republicans,’ who are residing in S.D.?”)