The 5G towers are starting to go up downtown. This one is right in front of the Federal courthouse. I think I have randomly counted about 5 sites downtown (there may be more).

By l3wis

13 thoughts on “Isn’t this attractive?”
  1. Will the Christmas decorations be able to hide most of this, however?

  2. Not sure, as I have said before, that is above my investigative reporting pay grade. His father does own an electrical supply company in Worthington, MN, but I can’t tell you if he supplies 5G installer contractors in Sioux Falls. Like I just said, would be a good story to dig around on.

  3. There might be a bigger story concerning the accusations against the Living Man and then his conviction if the mayor is trying to cover-up his father’s involvement with the verizon investment? Maybe the story is a little to close to home?

  4. 5G is not in Sioux Falls. These are micro-towers that supplement 4G service. They’ve existed near the event center for years. In total, there are 10 downtown.

    The poles themselves will be affixed with 5G towers when that technology is developed. Right now, 5G is only available via pilot programs in select metro areas like NYC and DC.

  5. It’s a public utility but I disagree with mounting it to a city light pole. It should be separate. There’s something obnoxious and unpatriotic about making this more prevalent than the American flag at left. City government is not known for democracy and respect for the US constitution. The way that this transpired is proof.

  6. The city has become known by this shape. It’s a ‘Prince’ thing. The city once called Sioux Falls is now this unnamed symbol.

  7. There are many of these all over the city, one even right outside a daycare on Cliff near Hyvee (Cliff & 57th). The push to get 5G into the city and all without citizens having a say should be a concern for all of us here. I can wait to vote PTH out!

  8. Joe, I’m afraid to tell you, but these are, in fact, 5G towers. They are the brand new ones that they are building downtown right now. If you were to read the article posted just a couple of days ago on KELO, 5G will, in fact, be activated in this city on or around December of this year. Both PTH and Senator Thune have both said so. The other 5 towers are currently being built. They used the tower in the picture to do a test run of the network, this Friday past. I was there, out front, protesting with a huge sign and a pile of info. Many a person drove by me with their thumbs high, and one woman walked right up to me and shook my hand, and thanked me for doing my thing.

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