Sioux Falls City Councilor Stehly featured on Inside Town Hall

Theresa was the guest this past Friday (the video isn’t up yet – my assumption is they didn’t want the 5G presser to get overshadowed). The Director of the Dudley house, Madeline Shields is also still hosting the show. Apparently running a homeless shelter isn’t that hard, so she has time to play TV anchor.

I asked Stehly what was discussed;

• Parking ramp

• Communication challenges within the mayor’s office (I have a feeling this is referring to Mutt & Jeff, his two COS employees)

• Fixing project trim

• Upcoming city election in 2020

• How to get citizens more involved and informed

• Adding more municipal government education into our public schools*

• How the mayor has utilized Stehly’s inmate initiative ideas but needs to go a step further and reinstate the scoop it program and eliminate project trim (use inmate labor instead)

• Bee ordinance

• Concerns with changing the meeting times

*I found that topic pretty humorous, considering the SFSD and School Board are extremely secretive and make most decisions behind closed doors.


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