Why is the City of Sioux Falls seeking bids for private property upgrades?

To tell you the truth, I couldn’t answer this question, I post this out of curiosity;

The City of Sioux Falls, SD, requests formal bids for Minnehaha Country Club and The Country Club of Sioux Falls Pond Improvements.

Now I know the city has helped with retention and detention ponds in the past on private property, but I’m NOT sure how the costs are worked out with the property owners. I’m really kind of clueless how that works. But I find it interesting that the city would be using decorative course ponds as detention ponds. I guess you are killing two birds with one stone. But also remember, these are private recreational clubs who benefit from having those ponds. It reminds me of the massive levees we built with Federal and local tax dollars conveniently along the country clubs.

Hopefully someone from the city will explain how this all works.

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#1 "Very Stable Genius" on 12.01.19 at 1:38 am

“It reminds me of the massive levees we built with Federal and local tax dollars conveniently along the country clubs.”

Yah, if you remember right. Initially, the bike trail there went entirely on the other side of the levee than the golf course, – but because of continual flooding of the trail there – they moved the bike trail totally to the top of the levee until they built the “500 Year” flood levee, which then caused them to put part of the trail back on the river side of the levee with a “Berlin Wall” protecting the capitalistic golfers from flooding and leftist cyclists; which now means that parts of the trail are now subjected to potential flooding there once again.

The funny thing is, that back when the trail was initially all on the river side, I used to bike on top of the levee’s gravel surface instead, but much to the distain of most MCC golfers, who would either give me a dirty look, or yell something at me, but my respond to them was always, “Eminent Domain!”

The fact that golf club has regained its privacy with a “Berlin Wall” is further proof that the people are losing the battle here in town. I still say: “26th Street or Fight!” 😉

(- and Woodstock adds: “Yah, but where will they have the III Annual Sanford International, if we plow 26th through there?”…..”We need the International so as to improve our health and keep our health care costs down, don’t we?”…. 😉 )