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City Reinstates Permits Following Design Changes, Enhanced Communications Tactics

(Sioux Falls, SD) – August 26, 2021 – Vast Broadband, a leading broadband/cable company, announced today that it will re-start construction in early September to install fiber optic communication lines and equipment as part of a $60 million expansion effort to provide high-quality, high-speed broadband and video services to additional homes in the Sioux Falls community. Construction was paused earlier this month following community feedback from both residents and the City regarding the installation of stand-alone, front yard pedestals. Vast took swift action to address these concerns and the City has now re-instated construction permits. Moving forward, Vast will use flush-mount vaults instead of pedestals for all front yard installations – even those co-located with other utilities – and will deploy enhanced communications efforts to ensure community awareness of the construction process. 

“We are thrilled to be able to restart construction and to illustrate to the Sioux Falls community that we not only hear you but have also taken significant action to earn your trust moving forward by no longer using pedestals for any front yard installations, even where other utility pedestals are present,” said Jeff Seidenfaden, Chief Commercial Officer for Vast Broadband. “We fell short of expectations initially, but we hope that this design change not only meets but exceeds expectations of what a community partner is capable of in terms of customer service.” 

In areas where fiber expansion construction has already begun, all front yard pedestals will be replaced with a flush-mount vault with a ground level profile, regardless of whether there are other utility pedestals present in the same location. For future construction locations, a flush-mount vault with a ground level profile will be installed in all front yard locations, regardless of whether there are other utility pedestals present in the same location. For future backyard or side yard installations, Vast will use a shorter pedestal regardless of whether the installation is stand-alone or co-located with other utilities.

“The City team has worked closely with Vast Broadband to provide guidance on their response, which includes design changes and more thorough communications to address the concerns of Sioux Falls residents. This design change will ensure all front yard installations are at ground level. These updates reflect community input, and we’re pleased that residents will be seeing these improved changes,” said Mark Cotter, Director of Public Works for the City of Sioux Falls.

As construction restarts, Vast Broadband is also rolling out more robust, proactive communications tactics to inform residents of the construction process. Neighbors in areas where construction is already underway will receive a construction update letter in the next few days via first class mail followed by a door hanger. Neighbors in areas where construction has yet to start will begin receiving information about 30 days prior to commencement including a post card, construction awareness letter, door hangers and yard signs. These communications tools will be supplemented with mobile billboards as well as digital and TV campaigns. Finally, the company has deployed an enhanced informational website at where residents can see details about the construction process,  report construction concerns and sign up for updates regarding construction in their neighborhood. Residents can also reach out to the local call center at (605) 413-1628 or the toll-free number at (888) 745-2888.

Vast Broadband’s expansion will bring Sioux Falls a fiber rich network offering higher speeds, better connectivity and more bandwidth for both homes and businesses. 

By l3wis

  1. I’m very confused!! So why is this celebrated by an ongoing process when those of us that live less than one block south of the VA hospital only have one alternative to get internet in our house and it is Midco… Which I’m not going to do ever again 10 years ago that would DirecTV and the price kept going out 10 years today when they installed in the house December 15th and I sent their boxes back to them and now I’m watching Antenna TV…. I’m going to get so luminous but I can certain free things up with my cell phone and watch them!
    I don’t think it’s such a big deal that VAST TV is expanding because they’re in a lot of parts of the city but if you can’t be in the car city next to Lifescape and the VA hospital.. what’s wrong with that scenario!

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