To say I am NOT surprised would be an understatement;

After more than 80 years, the Sioux Falls Shopping News is ending publication.

For full disclosure I was Mr. Lesnar’s employee, TWICE. I did not work in the Shopping News division, but in Customer Service and estimating for Western Commercial Printing before he sold that portion of the business.

Trust me, I know the stories out there about ‘K’ but I can honestly tell you that he always treated me with respect by telling me what he truly thought, did not mince words and defended me when my political opponents put pressure on him to fire me (this happened several times). While we did not agree on mountains of things, he always wanted my perspective, even if he didn’t take that advice.

I think sometimes that is missing in family owned businesses these days, reporting to the General directly. I always appreciated that I could walk into his office anytime of the day, and have a discussion about clients or co-workers. He wanted to know and did not pass that buck. He was truly hands on.

I wish him luck in his retirement and for having confidence in me as an employee. See you later ‘Hot Dog!’ and don’t be a ‘Turkey’.

By l3wis

7 thoughts on “Your Snowblower will be safe now”
  1. I always got a kick out of the lone carport he built for his own car in the employee parking lot. What about ‘Employee of the Month’? Currently, my neighbor has three bagged Shopping Newses clinging from his mailbox post. But now, no more 2AM SFSN deliveries by a guy driving British through my neighborhood with his interior dome lite on. AND as well, how will I now sell my metallic tan 2002 Taurus with a little rust? #TheTimesAreChanging #TheTimesIsEnding #TheEndOfTimes?

  2. The Shopping News had more circulation than the Argus. It would have been a better choice for public notices and obituaries. Ads to sell something often got more response than Craigslist. There’s a vacancy for both private and commercial ads the Argus could benefit from. They may last a few more years. Newspaper type distribution is nearly extinct. Mr. Lesner has been prominent in the community. Likely, he’ll remain active in social networks but he deserves a comfortable retirement.

  3. Sure, their circulation was bigger than the Argus, but what percentage of that circulation was immediately thrown in the recycling bin, or left in piles in front yards? Why do you think all the big advertisers dumped them? Completely useless, and had been for years.

  4. “Say, I just got my final copy of the Shopping News, and then I sent it off to be framed”….

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