Is the City of Sioux Falls using ‘fuzzy math’ for storm cleanup costs?

Imagine my surprise when I saw this slide in the presentation planned for tomorrow’s informational meeting on Storm Debris Management;

Obviously the live presentation will probably bring some clarity to those last 2 numbers because if they cleaned all the streets and parks for those dollar amounts they must be using Santa’s Elves for FREE. While the May storms were bad, last week’s storm was worse, but I find it a little hard to swallow with labor and equipment costs the city only spent that much. Maybe that is all they spent on clearing boulevards and streets, and if so, it is a disservice to the public. Muni government is easy, you collect taxes and you provide services. That means helping folks with storm cleanup like the city did in 2013 instead of relying on the quilting bee from church.


#1 Very Stable Genius on 07.11.22 at 8:14 pm

“Red Lines” help to reduce costs.

#2 Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on 07.11.22 at 10:07 pm

2013 ice storm, massive hail in ’14, four tornadoes in two years, derecho of the month club, maybe a haboob. What about a hurricane from Lake Superior or the Hudson Bay with the help of climate change due to a tilting of the earth because of an enhanced planetary spin? AND isn’t it time for the magnetic poles to flip? What about the Yellowstone cauldron? There’s more to fear than just orange hair….. No time to spare ….. And, to think that some are worried about our taupeness.

#3 "Woodstock" on 07.11.22 at 10:13 pm

“Say, I came up with a great tourism slogan for Wyoming: ‘Visit Wyoming, while we are still here’ …”

#4 Dr. Derecho & Mr. Haboob on 07.11.22 at 10:36 pm

Don’t forget about the next massive Mississippi River/St. Louis earthquake as well. The last one moved church bells in Boston, Mass. I wonder how it could move us?

#5 D@ily Spin on 07.12.22 at 10:10 am

A city with a half billion budget and 205,000 people spends one dollar per citizen for natural disasters. It’s what happens when you don’t pray to their Jesus Plow idol.

#6 anominous on 07.18.22 at 9:28 pm

whose afraid of a little tornado just gotta clean it up all ur selfs this means u church groups, and go ring the schoolbell to warn everyone its coming like were in a gd little house on the prairie episode i guess oh the sirens they dont work cuz tenhaken got his earbuds in