You got to hand it to them for being creative;

  • Right now, Canton has private garbage services, meaning residents choose whichever provider they’d like to come collect their trash.
  • In a city-run garbage collection system, Canton would put out a bid to trash collectors and choose the lowest offer.
  • Because the city would take care of billing logistics, Gannon anticipates collectors would offer much lower rates to the city than they’re able to offer directly to customers.
  • Customers’ bills won’t go up, but because costs are lower, the city would have extra income from garbage collection to then help pay for the pool.

While I will leave it up to the citizens of Canton to determine if they want to pay for their pool with garbage fees, I do support the idea of municipal garbage. I have argued for a long time that if the City of Sioux Falls did this you would save consumers because the billing could be processed thru your water bill and the private contractor(s) the city would hire wouldn’t pay tipping fees and would have shorter planned routes.

I also would implement a city ambulance service since right now the city is already assisting in mutual aid, sometimes showing up before the private ambulance, and we are getting NO reimbursement from the private ambulance provider for our aid.

Some argue against having these services provided by the city, but if done correctly they can be very beneficial and cost effective for citizens.

By l3wis

20 thoughts on “Canton proposes building swimming pool with garbage fees”
  1. Most cities nationally have one garbage service. Bids are taken every 3 to 5 years for a contract term. Waste Management Inc gets many contracts because of their size and overhead control. Canton seems more progressive. Sioux Falls would never deploy Canton philosophy. They only do cost plus with insiders and nothing happens unless it’s their original idea. It’s to bad. Imagine how much street maintenance cost would be saved with one truck once a week thru residential areas.

  2. Some would say this is a bunch of garbage, but the thought of building a city pool for kids to swim in that’s built with garbage is a great idea, I think.

    Many don’t know this, but Canton is the capital of Taupeville. It’s where many of our fine citizens south of 57th have to go to get their plates.

    Canton has always been quite innovative, too. It was the original home of Augie, they knew enough to finally close their insane asylum for natives, and they have a ski slope, which like Vail and Aspen, has been known over the years to attract skiers from all over the country:

  3. “I’ve always thought that Canton was quite quaint”…. “I especially enjoy the popcorn stand in the summer, which is placed in front of the county courthouse”…. #SoMayberry

  4. We should fund the mayor’s salary with sewer fees, that would truly be an enterprise fund.

  5. But isn’t this socialism? Public schools, fire, police, and now this, what’s next? Has anyone talked to the Governor about this?

  6. I’ve been pitching this way for years to our city. Create sectors of the city for contractors to bid on. I was told Waste management has too many “ free” accounts to get this passed

  7. When your garbage bill is more then your water/sewer bill you have to ask if garbage removal is affordable.

  8. My garbage bill is only $38 dollars a month, NO I do not want the city taking over the bil. I am perfectly happy with private service. Stop changing a good thing.

  9. Well I pay about $17 a month for water/sewer. Mike, you seem to be afraid of change, because our current system that now forces homeowners to drag their garbages to the curb, f’kn sucks! And it is expensive. And it is wasteful.

  10. I am by far afraid of change, I will tell you what I have said time and time again, I fear, bigger government. Lets break down my garbage service:

    I pay $20 dollars for actual garbage per month, I pay $17 dollars to have my recycling picked up every other week. That adds up to $37 dollars.

    The average water and sewer bill within the “City” is $92 dollars per month. Yes, that is the ‘average’. Meaning, some fall below that figure, and some fall above that figure.

    At my place of business, we pay $58 dollars for water and sewer, and our place of residence, we pay $38 dollars.

    After making some phone calls a month ago, the average residential water and sewer bill is between $40 to $80 dollars. So you paying nly $17 dollars, would tell me, that it is being subsidized either by the government itself, or y our property owner is paying half the bill as part of the rental agreement.

    IF the City operated the Waste Service Industry, I suspect my garbage service to go up another $15-20 dollars, plus being that it will turn into a “Enterprise Fund”, the city could in fact create an entirely new ‘user fee’ or tax to sustain, and provide for better roads, infrastructure, which could lead to increased “Frontage Tax Rate” itself, or a new tax ‘assessed’ to our property values, etc.

    The city taking over the gabrage service will NOT lower what the “private companies” charge, they will still pay out $15-25 dollars per hour in wages, let alone, the CITY could engage in public contracts with them, demanding that they pay equal to the ‘average” public wage which could be higher, not lower, increasing the ‘fees’ all together.

    The GOVT taking over the service would harm the industry, as it in the future could “control” the service, the fees, the wages, the product, etc.

    You talk about how we are a “Fascist State” now, it would be even more so if the government took over another aspect of our private industry.

  11. So, it’s not socialism, it’s fascism, huh? So, that means that the means of production are for the promotion of the state, but not actually owned by the state in most cases. For instance, how do you think corporations like BMW survived Hitler? So, if garbage hauling will be owned by the state, then how is it fascism? Is that not socialism? But on a good note, it is good to read a conservative (libertarian) show a concern for fascism for once, however.

  12. Oh look, Mike is an expert on garbage too! Now if he could only master spelling.

  13. “Creative solutions and community partnerships are exactly what it takes to make big projects possible,” said Jesse Fonkert, president and CEO of the Sioux Metro Growth Alliance.

    Of course behind this scheme is one of our wunderkind regional economic development bureaucrats.

    TIL the euphemusm for a transaction in which a municipal government expands to assimilate a function built by and previously (and successfully) provided by private enterprise is a “community partnership”.

    I guess Mr Fonkert had to be cautious in using the standard Sioux Falls RaR Club* tagline (“public – private partnerships”) for this one.

    * Registered as Republican

  14. So much false economic thought and practice with this scheme.

    – “Customers’ bills won’t go up”. Ahhh, we don’t know that. Bad assumption.

    – “The cost will be lower”. LOL. IF this proves to be true, the residents of Canton should be asking, “why am I paying the same/more for garbage collection, if the cost of providing to me is less?” and
    “Why will I continue to pay same/more for gargage service after the pool is completely paid off?”

    – Billing and Collections – “Because the city would take care of billing logistics, Gannon anticipates collectors would offer much lower rates to the city than they’re able to offer directly to customers”.
    None of these processes just happen. Very naive for the City to think that they can perform these functions without the cost of additional people to accomplish these functions.

    The only thing missing from this ‘community partnership’ is the nonprofit (or some sort of NGO) which will form the vessel through which money from the City, County and State coffers can be laundered to the pockets of private individuals (it’s likely part of the scheme, yet to be revealed to the rubes in Canton).

  15. “Then there’s long term costs such as waste disposal. I don’t know if you’re familiar with who runs that business but I assure you it’s not the boyscouts.”

    Thorton Melon.

  16. To be clear, I support muni-garbage in Sioux Falls TO SAVE CONSUMERS money! The scheme Canton is proposing isn’t saving consumers anything.

  17. Steve, what is the deal that you need to negatively respond to all my comments, is it something I did, or a vehicle I sold that made you mad, I am beginning to think you are a troll, someone who simply wants to start a war with people. Notice, I have not responded to you to often the past 3 months, but I do read your comments, but this may just be the last time I respond to you. I am to busy, and business is beginning to pick back up to worry about your gripes. So I urge you to become a more respectful human being, and begin to love your fellow neighbors and residents of the city. Thank You for your Concerns. You are welcome to call me or email me anytime you like.

    Mike Zitterich
    (605) 376-0527

  18. I am a capitalist who also believes water, sewer and garbage should always be a function of the local municipality for the purposes of simply keeping some level of civic sanitation.

    If we have to have private garbage service, granting 5 different haulers go past our homes is simply wasteful. Hauler should have to bid for sections to of city.

  19. I hope Mike doesn’t mine. I just took his email address and signed him up for all of the Pizza Ranch coupons and promotions.

  20. Yes Mike, I have noticed that you’re no longer commenting your 10+ paragraph nonsense on every post. Just some of them. It’s been nice, to be honest.

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