UPDATE: The city council told the administration during the presentation today that they would like to approve the park’s bonds before the new councilors get installed next Spring. As I said below, I would go a step further and put the bonds on the Spring ballot. The time couldn’t be better and it takes the responsibility off the backs of councilors who are walking out the door. I do believe they would pass with over 70% of the vote, but what makes the public vote even more enticing is it would show that the council cares about open government.

The city council is getting a presentation today on the possibility of parks department bonds for new aquatic facilities and a rec center.

I support a new public rec center, but once again, the location is questionable. I think the perfect location for the rec center is the Riverline District. It would be next to an existing outdoor pool and skate park, and centrally located, ironically the same location of the original proposal.

I also think these bonds should go to a public vote. With interest payments we are probably looking at being well over $80 million in taxpayer funds and that decision really should lie in the taxpayer’s hands.

I think the city council has the power to move the bonding decision to the voters and could put it on the Spring ballot and it would be wise of them to kick that can to the voters.

Also by state law, it would have to garner 60% of the vote to be approved. I think it would pass by at least 70% of the vote. I think most people in our community support the rec center.

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