Some are forgetting that the SF School Board will share an election with the city council in 2024. There are two seats up (Kate Serenbetz and Marc Murren). Marc was just elected a few years ago and if he chose to run for re-election it would be his first attempt as an incumbent. As for Kate (used to be named Parker) has been on the school board since 2009. Not sure if she will run for re-election, but I think it is time for her to go. While I have mixed feelings about term limits I think 8 (continuous) years is long enough for local governing boards. Not to mention, after 15 years I can’t point to one major thing Kate pushed for that made the district better.

I also heard there are about 3 other people thinking about running. Of course there will be some clown from the militant right winger group, there will be some business dude and I also heard a rumor about a well known business/chamber connected female running (and if it is who I think it is, run far, far, far away from her . . . we will have more on her if she announces. BAD! BAD! BAD!)

I figure it will likely be a 6-8 person race, and the great part is the school board has a plurality election so the top two vote getters win seats, no run-offs. I would encourage anybody wanting to cut their teeth in running for a local governing board to jump at this opportunity!

As for the city council, no new news. I don’t expect any more announcements until after January 1st and I think they will come rolling in;

NW District (Neitzert’s term is ending) No candidates have announced but I have heard about 3 potential.

SW District (Selberg’s term is ending) One candidate has announced and I have heard about 2 other potentials. I’m also hearing ‘funny’ rumors about the candidate that has announced. Hopefully he will get a challenger so the media can explore some of these rumors.

NE District (Starr’s term is ending) Two candidates have announced and a third one is rumored to announce soon. The 3rd potential candidate has been posting crazy amounts on FB about their community advocacy lately, so I am guessing they will be announcing soon, and if so they will be the STAR of this city council election. The irony is ALL three candidates are fantastic in their own way, and it’s too bad they are all running against each other.

AT-Large (Jensen chose not to run for a 2nd term) They could replace him with a dead person and it would be better . . . funny, I heard that saying somewhere. Two candidates have announced and if it remains just the two of them, it will be a blowout, I don’t think I have to tell you who would win. I’m guessing the winner in this race will spend about $120K.

Throw me a line if you know of any other potential candidates or if you would like to make the announcement on DaCola!

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  1. Strange indeed, just a year and a half ago no one wanted to run for school board, so the incumbents won by default. Now, we may potentially have a 6 to 8 person race? So, what is the cause of this? Prozac? Or, a new found confidence thanks to Ozempic? Or, both? #WhatsItAllAboutSelfie?

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