I had several phone conversations today about the property by my home that is in need of repair.

Let’s make something clear, I don’t want any resident in Sioux Falls to have to hire a lawyer and go to court over to many weeds. I don’t want the city to hire multiple outside counselors to go after these people. What I want is the city to sit down with the offending property owners and come up with a amicable solution.

This is NOT hard.

I struggle with this, because I am a strong believer of property rights, and believe the government can’t tell you what to do with your property. But when your property affects the value and public safety of your neighborhood, government must act.

I have been hearing from advocates, city officials and residents that when they call to file a complaint, nothing happens. NOTHING!

This tells me the office in charge of taking the complaints, either by phone or email, are not recording those complaints, or they are, and the code enforcement officers are just not bothering to follow up.

I was told today the city only has 4 full-time code enforcement officers, not sure if that is true, but for a city this size, that is ridiculous.

I’m sorry, but we have bigger fish to fry then bulldozing mansions, we need to bulldoze DUMPS!

One Thought on “Is the Sioux Falls code enforcement office even recording complaints?

  1. D@ily Spin on February 1, 2024 at 8:51 am said:

    Code enforcement is reserved for when the mayor wants to harass someone. There’s no documentation because the city can never go to court. The charter is unconstitutional so they always lose. Code enforcers could become Uber transportation. We, the people, must find something for them to do to get them out of the office and on the road. It’s a free vehicle and gas. However, don’t get caught by making it a tax deduction. Cash only.

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