While I love Real Time, Last Week Tonight, and was a huge fun of the Colbert Report, Stewart is the master of political satire, he will destroy Trump over the next several months.

I got into Stewart when he hosted a show on MTV, it was pretty good, but not really his style;

3 Thoughts on “Jon Stewart Returns to the Daily Show!

  1. Very Stable Genius on January 24, 2024 at 8:30 pm said:

    This is another example of nostalgic/stagnation, but it should be good for some good laughs, however…. I always enjoy an old song from time to time….

  2. I actually believe that Jon has so much pent up angst he is going to brutalize Trump. I expect Comedy Central and Stewart will be sued by Trump, which will lead to more of Trump’s hypocrisy. I actually believe once Jon starts rolling on that orange tub of testicle sweat it will make a difference in the election.

  3. Trump is already defeated. New Hampshire exposed his Achilles’ heel. Inflation is down and the economy is beginning to roar. Trump is not Cleveland and Biden is not Carter. Rather, Biden is Reagan without a major landslide….. But it will still be fun to watch Jon go after Don.

    In fact, I’m already predicting that Trump will return in ’28 for a third defeat, but this time he’ll lose the nomination to Liz Cheney. #CheneyVersusSwift #WaterboardingKelce(?) #WorkReleaseCampaigner

    Trump and Nixon, the only two Americans to ever receive the Republican nomination for president three times…. Imagine that…. 😉

    ( and Woodstock adds: “Oh, I can’t wait until ’28…… Taylor definitely needs to pick King Charles Barkley as her running mate, though”…. 🙂 )

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