UPDATE: The city did put up PDFs of the agenda.

The agenda hasn’t posted since Friday. According to state law;

Notice of meeting of political subdivision–Agenda–Violation as misdemeanor.

Each political subdivision shall provide public notice, with proposed agenda, that is visible, readable, and accessible for at least an entire, continuous twenty-four hours immediately preceding any official meeting, by posting a copy of the notice, visible to the public, at the principal office of the political subdivision holding the meeting. The proposed agenda shall include the date, time, and location of the meeting. The notice shall also be posted on the political subdivision’s website upon dissemination of the notice, if a website exists. For any special or rescheduled meeting, the information in the notice shall be delivered in person, by mail, by email, or by telephone, to members of the local news media who have requested notice. For any special or rescheduled meeting, each political subdivision shall also comply with the public notice provisions of this section for a regular meeting to the extent that circumstances permit. A violation of this section is a Class 2 misdemeanor.

You could look at it two ways, if the agenda is available in hard copy form at the clerk’s office 24 hours in advance technically you are following the spirit of the law, but since the city has an official website, it should be posting there also.

Since the city has cancelled past committee meetings due to not properly noticing the agenda, I have a feeling if the agenda doesn’t post before 6 PM tonight, they may have to postpone the meeting. In the 20 years I have been watching city council, I think I can only recall a handful of times they have had to postpone meetings. I think once was because of severe weather. But after the city spent over $500K for a new website, the agendas should be posting properly.

By l3wis