The only thing that bothered me the most at the city council candidate forum tonight is that most people will not see it before they vote.

And that the TWO best candidates in this race are running for the same seat (even though both of those Chuckles could have ran in districts and WON!)

Allison and Jordan ruled the forum, but not for the reasons you would think. Their experiences as citizen and social justice advocates shown thru.

I was thoroughly impressed!

When Jordan brought up he was the founding member of Strongtowns in Sioux Falls, I really got it, I tried to bring Strongtowns to Sioux Falls shortly after it was formed, but people didn’t get it. I am so proud of Jordan for pursuing it and instituting the movement in Sioux Falls. He did something I could not. I am crediting the hair farm and mustache 🙂

In fact, when you listened to the two of them talk about improving our community, it was 100% positive and chocked full of solutions.

WTF don’t we have more peeps like this running for office!? And more importantly why are they not winning handily?

Oh that’s right, social justice and transparency are not high on Dutch Reform Knuckleheads list.

*on a side note, I will say I am disappointed that I cannot find this forum on social media for replay, and of course, the city’s video is NOT posting, which once again shows the administration’s militant opposition to transparency. In fact only ONE candidate brought up transparency in government tonight, David Z. Until we have it, we don’t have a functioning government.

I was also pleasantly surprised by NW candidate Jennifer Sigette, who has already won her seat, but decided to show up to the forum to show constituents who she is, and I was impressed. Unfortunately, Ryan Spellerberg in the SW district who also was unchallenged and already won his seat, did NOT show up tonight. Must of had some big TIF meeting tonight.

4 Thoughts on “Deffenbaugh & Renville move mountains at Sioux Falls City Council Candidate Forum

  1. Not VSG on March 15, 2024 at 11:47 am said:

    Renville has zero chance. All one needs to do is checking out her socials. She’s unfit, and will get more votes than she should, but will still lose by a mile.

  2. DontBemad on March 15, 2024 at 12:37 pm said:

    don’t you think the communications officer should be held accountable or chief of staff for not posting

  3. Very Stable Genius on March 15, 2024 at 2:35 pm said:

    What are all of the candidates positions on boutique grocers?

  4. Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on March 17, 2024 at 1:51 am said:

    Our democracy is dying. Winter no longer exists. The local St. Paddy’s Day parade lasts as long as Great Bear. Taylor won the Super Bowl and Tyson is fighting again. Blue states against red states. The border is a mess, but then who’s going to shingle my roof or lay my carpet? Miley learned “how to buy my own” Grammy. Jokes have become hard to come-by, so Comedy Central is doing re-runs. The market is on a run-up, inflation is on a run-down, while Trump stays on the ballot and hands Putin NATO. It took a scientist to beat Barbie, but wasn’t he pink, too? Presidential politics has become ‘Groundhog Day’. Easter is early just like this year’s spring. Boeing can no longer take-off. Teslas don’t like the cold. The Royals are nothing but a photoshop. Urban against rural. The Arabs are mad at Biden, the youth are mad about TikTok, so maybe a ban should be replace a ceasefire. Marjorie wore a hat on the House floor. Sears is opening up stores again. We can hear Amtrak “a cumin”. Everywhere you look, there’s a Johnson in the House, but what’s happened to mine? The Democrats have more money than the Republicans. Mitch traded a pitch for a balk. What is Mitchell without baseball? There’s no Love in Wall. Many want to protect women’s sports, while many are static when a WNBA player destroys a NBA stat. Orange claims to be the new black. Santos is out, but wants back in. The Middle East finally has a conflict we can comprehend. India is now bigger than China, but yet smaller. Commercial renting is collapsing, while Sioux Falls builds 10 stories. A Kennedy has become a third party, while a Cheney has no party. Dillard’s pulled a fast one. Motorcycles are on our sidewalks. Everything is bigger in Texas, including teeth. Haley made a brief appearance, just like that other comet. ….. Perhaps, massive prairie fires will unite us all once again and save us…. I just hope it doesn’t all go up in smoke…. Boy, the good Lord definitely works in mysterious ways.

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