I checked with some city officials about the LifeLight festival and what kind of financial obligations there would be and this is what I was told;

Lifelight has to pay the same fees as any other festival or event.  Nonprofits do not get a special discount.  Fees are very minimal for events.  Most events are from nonprofits, just by chance.

Typically PD does not get involved with traffic control on site at the event. But they do assist with planning of barricades and flow of traffic pre-event.  PD only gets involved if traffic is backed up or causing issues (that would be for any event, if things on the public roads got bad).  The event organizer is responsible for parking managers.  For the sake of efficiency PD will help with traffic during peak times.  Since this event doesn’t have a centralized or main parking lot PD doesn’t think it will be an issue and they will not have to get involved.  Events are responsible to pay for all barricades.  

By l3wis

One thought on “Lifelight is paying to use public park, a little bit”
  1. We have terrible public events here, city, parks, police don’t want to be involved and thus, we have little to no decent public events

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