I’m sure she is a lovely lady, but I can buy an airplane, as long as I have the money. You can get drones now for $50, but not sure you can take the fam to Disneyland on that 🙂

Matt Paulson who pretty much recruited most of the leading council candidates and helping to fund their campaigns has a tendency to brag about his ability to buy fancy cars and apparently airplanes, but most working stiffs in this town could care less, some have never even been on puddle jumper from here to Minneapolis.

I could care less what Matt spends his money on, even that lime green Lambo.

Where it disturbs me is that this guy, who apparently has more money then he knows what to do with, has been playing king maker in the halls of city hall. I have no problem with wealthy donors funding campaigns, kind of over it in Sioux Falls, it happens, OH WELL. Where it gets frustrating is when these same wealthy donors are also handpicking councilors, school board candidates, and the list goes on. He is also running the campaigns for the candidates ‘hands off’. Most of the candidates that he is helping have told others that they have no idea what the campaign strategy is, Paulson is handling it.


It’s time to kick these Prosperity Gospel weirdos to the curb. VOTE STARR & DEFFENBAUGH and send a message to these jettsetters. Get on your award winning airplane purchase and fly away, far away. May I suggest Florida or Texas, you would fit right in.

15 Thoughts on “Paulson’s Accountant wins an award because she knows how to buy airplanes?

  1. What do you expect from the same guy that bought his way into city hall with the help of Mayor Slickery. Only doing one term so he can focus on his Mayoral campaign next year? Would that be a PTH 2.0? Let’s hope not!

  2. Stoned Mountain Pilot on March 28, 2024 at 1:35 pm said:

    Matt shows how insecure he is by telling us all the time how he must remind everyone he lucked into a bunch of money from an interesting source. Every time he buys some bling, he has to tell everyone. What an inferiority complex.

  3. Very Stable Genius on March 28, 2024 at 2:41 pm said:

    I’ve become very leery of people getting awards with a big picture of them behind them. It reminds me too much of the following:


  4. Fear & Loathing in Sioux Falls on March 28, 2024 at 2:44 pm said:

    Does Paul wear a tie for Matt?

  5. Amen! on March 29, 2024 at 8:11 am said:

    Many years ago, while working for a company, we worker bees had to study the miracles of prosperity gospel and believe. It was interesting but very insulting to any thinking person. We were taught to be prosperity preachers, going door to door to sell the products to make lives better by subscribing to the new found belief system. The only thing we were leaving out in the end was saying Amen! when we sold the product. https://www.npr.org/transcripts/1013430166

  6. The Guy From Guernsey on March 29, 2024 at 8:44 am said:

    “Hey guys, just to let you know …. I’ve got an airplane. ….
    And BTW, my accountant is awesome.”

    That’s how I read that post.

  7. Amen! on March 29, 2024 at 8:49 am said:

    i forgot to add, the key to prosperity gospel according to Rev Ike is “fake til you make it”. Matt and Paul are following their instructions. Big houses, fancy cars and airplanes are part of the plan to show gawd and all who want to be with them that they are true believers and not snake oil salesmen.

  8. may his wealth trickle down on us all.

  9. My Mistake Mike on March 29, 2024 at 12:25 pm said:

    These awards are a joke. Friends (or bosses) nominate each other. It’s a subjective judging process. And NO BOYS ALLOWED. Girl power! I know this will piss off some people, but it’s truth.

    Maybe her greatest award-winning skill is the ability to make those very public Disney and Vegas trips with the family look like a business expense on paper?

  10. Jon Jermane on March 29, 2024 at 12:47 pm said:

    WARNING: Three buses from Fargo…. (Or, is that just Gonzaga’s basketball team coming to town?….)

  11. Further Fear & Loathing on March 29, 2024 at 3:34 pm said:

    “….These awards are a joke. Friends (or bosses) nominate each other. It’s a subjective judging process….”

    But it sure looks good on LinkedIn.

  12. Fearing the Fuhrer & More on March 29, 2024 at 3:35 pm said:

    I just love it when an accountant can figure-out a way for one to buy an airplane.

  13. Amen! on March 29, 2024 at 6:40 pm said:

    Something is dribbling Scott, just don’t know what.

  14. Sick of Fearing on March 29, 2024 at 10:19 pm said:

    Say, does anyone know if they make e-airplanes? AND, if they do, how fast can they go? #FireInTheCabin!

  15. Tabitha on April 1, 2024 at 12:40 am said:

    Dude gives me the CREEPS, lots of watches and cars and owns a lot of land Starbucks and Deboers new stores are all on, and idk just plz don’t run for mayor lil guy

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