I took last week off, but interestingly enough, there isn’t much going on in the city politics world. There are a few things brewing, but nothing worth talking about now. Let’s just say I think the bottom is going to fall out all at the same time.

As for the runoff, I haven’t spoken with either campaign, so I have no idea how they are reaching voters. I think turnout will be half of what the general was, so it will be who gets their peeps to the polls.

If I was watching from afar, I would say Jordan has more enthusiasm and has a better chance of getting his supporters to reappear. But he still has a big gap to fill.

As for Thomason, he fits the bill of council candidate, but some people question if he really stands for anything?

Even if Jordan is able to win, and his chances are just as good as Tricky Thomason’s chances, he will have a difficult time pushing an agenda the rest of the dais is not on board with. But maybe he can find a way to advocate without the chaos? Ask Big T how that worked out for her.

3 Thoughts on “Who is going to win the runoff?

  1. Steve on April 15, 2024 at 3:52 pm said:

    Would be good to see J.D. win this. We need more Council members that are not rubber stampers and that will push back against this Mayor for the remainder of his term.

  2. Tabitha on April 16, 2024 at 1:30 pm said:

    haven’t seen or heard anything from either, or any updates from the city communications or anyone else, so i’m assuming no one is going to come out to vote except if Thomason sends out more unsolicated text messages

  3. Big T and her crew set us back a decade on having a more walkable, vertical & densely populated core area. Same can be said of the clowns from RC who got the bunker ramp deal under the last Admin.

    On the plus side, that situation did create bandwidth for others to operate and do some signature projects that advanced that goal. When that capital stops flowing or finds less risky spots to go, it will do so. Growth will also follow the convention center if we do it correctly, unlike the last time. Hopefully all the councilors get that.

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