Not sure who is writing John’s campaign materials, but he has another zinger today. But what surprised me the most was the dude endorsing him founded one of the most successful ad agencies in the state and he makes a statement that sounds like something Ginny Thomas would text to a friend.

I can’t even show you the other side, it is even worse!

I also like how Graig manipulated the language to get his right-winger challenge coins (hate them!!!). Instead of saying defenders of HUMAN rightS he says defenders of RIGHT, who stand in the gap. What freaking GAP are you talking about? The one at the mall?

I can’t keep track of all the weirdo right-winger, Trumpified, dog whistles these days, they make up new crap constantly!

And they call themselves conservatives?! Sounds pretty f’cking progressive to me.

One Thought on “Huh?

  1. Very Stable Genius on May 23, 2024 at 3:53 pm said:

    Tell me about it. I received two flyers today from two Republicans who are running for county commission, and both of them make mention of “election integrity” in their flyers. But if the GOP really wants to get serious about “election integrity”, then maybe they should take a look at the RV voters in this state, who happened to vote “right” about 80% of the time, and make sure they are not voting in another state as well.

    And here’s another fun or scary fact. It has just come to my attention that in Legislative District 15 a third of the registered voters there are now RV voters. No wonder the GOP’s numbers have been rising there and so much for the good old days when 15 was the Holyland for the Dems.

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