I say this jokingly but you gotta kind of scratch your head and wonder with all the numbers and decreases with the party. Also, the SDDP recruited a candidate for Minnehaha County Commission, but because of a screwup with sigs or something, they are running as an Indy (they are a really good candidate, just unfortunate they can’t run under a party banner).

I left the party shortly after 911, after Tom Daschle voted for authorization to go into Iraq. I said, ‘Once this party believes in diplomacy again, I will return.’ Guess what? Still an Indy.

There is a group of local rabble-rousers that lean ‘old-school left’ that have a little drinky party on Friday nights, I sometimes attend. The organizer sends out an email each week about the state of politics, mostly statewide and nationally and he always has an update of how many registered voters the party has lost over the past week in the state. Well, that inflamed one of the former party execs who decided to do a respond all to the group trying to downplay the disastrous leadership while NOT addressing the real problem, LOSING PARTY MEMBERS.

I won’t even say who this person is, they have already embarrassed themself enough.

They also email responses with fake names so they can troll a group that literally just drinks beer and Diet Coke and bitches about how big of babies the current SDDP is. That’s about all that is happening, but ironically, they probably accomplish more then the Exec Board of the SDDP. Maybe they should move the meeting to the Dox?

You can’t have a party with no party goers. Some in the SDDP don’t seem to understand that concept, or maybe they do, and that is why they are cashing checks from the SD GOP 🙂 because unless you are actually TRYING, it is hard to lose members that fast and frequent.

I think the SDDP has a traitor . . . will be interesting to see who it is.

3 Thoughts on “Is the South Dem Party getting compensated by the Repugs?

  1. Very Stable Genius on May 28, 2024 at 1:12 pm said:

    Young people are less partisan. Younger people run the SDDP. These young leaders believe that registered Democratic voters and registered Independent voters are the key to success. The problem with that belief is that it requires the plan to win to be dependent upon messaging and not GOVT, but to win a statewide race any time in the near distant future requires a truly effective GOTV which requires a more black-and-white universe to work in, like them against us, which is more partisan and contrary to most young peoples’ thinking today. Because, keep in mind, when you destroy loyalty branding, due to the absence of a good continual partisan voter registration drive and closed primaries, you make it easier for the voters to sway here and there and harder for a party to have an effective GOVT through branding identity, and thus win.

    But, on a brighter note, the SDDP has about $100,000 in the coffers right now between their federal and state accounts, which is promising. But what is not promising is that if you look at prior reports this money is coming from a few, including the DNC which still gives the SDDP $15,000 per month. In my estimation, not only does the SDDP need to get serious about voter registration, but it also needs to get serious about grassroots fundraising, which would further help to build and strengthen party brand loyalty.

  2. The Guy From Guernsey on May 30, 2024 at 10:42 am said:

    AFA the candidate [allegedly] running for Minnehaha County Commission as an Independant – anxiously waiting for confirmation of the candidacy by the SD Secreatary of State.
    It has been nearly a month since the filing deadline for Indy candidates. I guess the Secreatary of State is working slowly to ensure election integrity [LOL].

    My guess as to the reason why this candidate didn’t submit as a Dem – the candidate recruitment by the party apparachiks lacked foresight to get underway in manner timely such that a candidate petition could be submitted by the March 26 deadline.
    I’ve tried to volunteer for a campaign associated with the crowd running the Minnehaha County Dems. They aren’t very organized, nor enthusiastic about the hard work of campaigning. Media interviews, social media posts and press releases only go so far to achieve name recognition and earn votes. I saw why that candidacy was doomed to be defeated 2:1.

  3. Thd Guy From Guernsey on May 30, 2024 at 10:43 am said:

    Hell, this crew likely can’t even muster for a candidate petition deadline.
    They really need some of the old school lefties like VSG to gain some traction (but doubtful anyone can tell them that).

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