UPDATE: A new city councilor reached out and told me they have a policy of not using specific names that are revealed in public input. While I understand if it is a baseless accusation, this is factual.

It did not take long for the new city council to start ignoring me. LOL. I was aware that the city council must amend minutes, but I thought I would send the question to the city clerk first (you will enjoy his response). Then I forwarded the entire message to the city council. As I pointed out, they are using my real name in the minutes and not a general term like ‘Constituent’ so they should use the real name of the councilor I mentioned, Marshall Selberg.

Not one single councilor responded, meaning they have no intention of amending. You do realize by ignoring my request and not changing the minutes means you are just a part of the cover up. Just sayin’.

I sometimes wonder who is giving councilors legal advice . . .


Hello Jermery,

I noticed in the minutes for the meeting last week it said this under public input;

‘Scott Ehrisman spoke on TIFs, development & project costs, and a previous Councilor not living in the district he represented.’

I would like the minutes AMENDED at the next meeting so it says;

‘Scott Ehrisman spoke on TIFs, development & project costs, and a previous Councilor, Marshall Selberg, not living in the district he represented.’

I clearly stated Mr. Selberg’s name, and would like that added to the minutes.

Thank You,

Scott L. Ehrisman


Good afternoon,

The minutes will remain accurate and as drafted.  Only City Council can amend them at this point.

Jermery J. Washington, City Clerk // City of Sioux Falls


Hello Councilors,

I requested from the city clerk an amendment to the meeting minutes of last week’s regular meeting (see my original email at bottom).

He has informed me that the council has to amend (see below). So I am requesting an amendment.

I clearly stated Marshall Selberg’s name and it should be reflected in the record as I said it. For example it doesn’t say ‘A constituent spoke . . .’ It states my written name. I stated the previous councilor’s name, and it needs to be reflected in the record AS my name is clearly reflected in the record.

Thank You,

Scott L. Ehrisman

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5 thoughts on “UPDATE: New Sioux Falls City Council out to lunch”
  1. City only caters to who they like it’s true for example some day soon we will have buildings and statues for Matt Paulson perhaps

  2. The Minutes stand as drafted, but aren’t accepted as drafted until action by the City Council at the next meeting on June 18.

    I hold out hope that there is one particular Councilor who may make motion for a correction to the minutes. This Councilor has surprised me with some against-the-grain votes recently. I am looking forward to being surprised yet again.

  3. You’re not the city’s owner. Come back when you’ve got money to pay for a city council seat.

  4. You’re quoted but not quoted. It’s copyright infringement if not plagearism. Rather common for city council meetings. Reminds me of an Events Center vote to decide whether to locate on Russell or downtown. Became, Events Center decision to sell bonds and build. Carny pickle jar monsters are real. City council honesty, never gonna happen.

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