And this just isn’t amongst city employees, this is the ENTIRE city. A trade organization based out of Smackpackler, MI conducted a survey amongst professionals in the city and they kept coming back to David,

“Everyone we talked to from Engineers to Lawyers kept telling us, David has the most secure job in the city.”

We reached out to the mayor for his response,

“We keep David very, very, very busy.”

I also asked why the city is sued so much and the mayor responded;

“Because of the liberal media.”

I suggested that maybe it was because the city was corrupt and breaking laws and the mayor responded, “Did you hear the Foo Fighters are coming to town?”

I thought it was Pink.

This piece was satire, like our city government.

By l3wis

3 thoughts on “Head City Attorney Voted ‘Most Secure’ job in the city!”
  1. I’ve heard of a Pullman community, while we have a Paulsen community.

  2. George Clooney needs to shut up! His crowd gave us Hillary in ’16 and she was never going to beat Trump. Although, even Lincoln Chafee could have beaten Trump back in the day…. LBJ would have beaten Nixon in ’68…. Let’s not try to find a Humphrey now, because if we do, we’ll lose to Trump in the fall.

  3. I am surprised it’s not the culture and communications officer job because they can do no wrong and have no experience and don’t do anything but still get big bucks don’t even have to be busy

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