For historical purposes, the ‘Loser Lot’ was the parking lot at Carnegie Hall when the downtown ‘loop’ was open. It was the skank hangout. Heavy Skanks!

What I have noticed over the last couple of years is that the teens like to hang out in the Bunker Ramp. I won’t say the activities that I have seen, but let’s just say, we were all teenagers at one point in our lives and for some reason the air smells like MJ.

I am sure the SFPD is aware that this place has turned into Loser Lot II, but maybe they are not?

This has been going on since the place opened.

So I guess if you are looking for a ‘hookup’ the 4th floor is the place to go.

As Eddie Spaghetti from the Supersuckers said, “A friend with weed is a friend indeed, I’m a friend, a friend in need.”

I guess party central is the Bunker Ramp. Maybe we should do all age shows there? That way it is easier for the teens to do illicit drugs.

I’m kidding. Kinda.

Besides hiring a Minnehaha County Commissioner to be the new health director (Item #76) in which he will have conflicts non-stop*, they have to pick a few other folks, such as council chair and vice-chair. The rumor for months was the current vice-chair, Merkouris, would take the council chair position once the new council was installed and likely Sarah Cole would become vice-chair. Well, that doesn’t seem to be the plan. It sounds like they (some) want to re-install Merkouris as vice-chair and Curt Soehl as Chair . . . again.

*notice in the agenda there is NO bio or resume included for Kippley.

It is unfortunate that this important public meeting is on a MONDAY at 3:30 PM, Downtown at the Admin Building with little free parking. This should have been at the main library at night. Either or, if you have time, here it is;

Published on May 10, 2024At the Public Transit Advisory Board meeting on May 20, 2024, held at 3:30 p.m. at City Center, Room 110, 231 North Dakota Avenue, there will be a public hearing on transformational improvements for the Sioux Falls public transit network. Sioux Area Metro’s new transit provider, Via, will present the SAM Reimagined plan, which includes improvements to bus routes for more direct trips, easier transfers, and shorter wait times; expanded availability and frequency of public transit for more residents in Sioux Falls; and expanded Via SAM On Demand service to the entire city, with a focus on areas that are not within walking distance from bus stops. Residents will only gain, not lose, transit service as a result of the SAM Reimagined plan.

The public is encouraged to attend the meeting on May 20 to learn more about the proposed changes and share input. Public engagement opportunities were provided online through May 8, and an Open House was held on May 6. Pending approval by the Public Transit Advisory Board, Sioux Falls City Council will consider the improvements to the bus routes in June.