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I saw this while watching the Stormland-TV video on the Royal River Casino proposal, and took a screenshot. LOL!

Further proof City Hall has Stormland TV in their back pocket

Gosh darn it! The blogs are picking on us again! (Image: Screenshot KELO-TV)

What is even more revealing is that city hall pays attention to what the blogs are saying about them.

December 26: Holsen posts about a DT parking ramp that is experiencing some ‘issues’.

December 30: Bossom buddy Darrin Smith cries to Stormland TV about it.

January 1: Owned!

I’ll let Jen sum this up;

‘Another spin cycle out of City Hall after the cow left the barn.  Mooooooooo!’

$5 Million+ to attract jugglers downtown?

And they wonder why no one trusts the city on the Events Center projections,

“We’ll be able to have concerts out there, maybe sidewalk musicians, sidewalk artists and jugglers. Those types of things. That is an aspect we can now have in downtown Sioux Falls that we’ve just never had,” Smith said.

Huh? While I have not seen any jugglers, I have seen artists and musicians downtown performing for over a decade, heck over 15 years.

We are competing with Phoenix and Chicago? (Phoenix and Chicago are now laughing)

The Mayor’s Golden Boy

Okay, sometimes I must resist posting when Mayor Good Folks says ridiculous things, like when he referred to testing snowgates as ‘Creating a Monster’ (Inside Stormland TV), but this latest quote while defending growth and development city expenditures is a bit over the top;

Sioux Falls’ main competitors no longer are Fargo and Sioux City, Iowa, but metro areas such as Phoenix and Chicago, Huether said.

Okay, I’ll play along on industry and jobs. But you also have to factor in world class music clubs and museums. And while Chicago shares our horrible weather extremes, I would much rather be in Phoenix right now.

Councilor Greg Jamison said he supports the efforts of organizations such as the Sioux Falls Development Foundation and the Chamber, but he’s not sure about the city’s new efforts.

“I’m just concerned that we might be creating another layer that’s not necessary. (The organizations) have been doing a pretty great job throughout the years,” he said.

This is about CONTROL for Mike, it’s not about whether these other orgs have been doing a good job or not, and for the most part they have. Sioux Falls is definately not stagnant. Could growth be better? Sure. But it takes more then a mayor with a big mouth and big hair to change that. It takes progressive thinking, something the business community is short on, unless they can make a buck.

Unlike the organizations, the city can rezone a property or refund sales tax as an incentive, Smith said. But he wants more incentives on the table in order to compete with states and cities offering such things as cash.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. While I am all for easing zoning and property tax discount incentives, handing over taxpayers money to a private entity in the form of cold hard cash is a slippery slope, and I hope Megan ‘Patron’ Luther was misquoting you. If not, we need to be very weary of these intentions.


What is a strange twist on this article is the political relationship between Huether and Smith. I hope you can handle all the back slapping and boot licking;

“I just think that he (Smith) was unbelievably qualified. He’s very passionate, and he’s such an informed guy,” Huether said.

Apparently not qualified enough to finish out his councilor term, but qualified enough to pick the pockets of taxpayers in a Huether administration;

Smith, who has known Huether and his wife causally for a decade, contributed to Huether’s campaign and volunteered “bad advice from time to time and he was smart not to listen,” Smith joked.

Like when you ran to Stormland TV news like a little school boy about Staggers’ fake junket trips? That wasn’t bad advice, it was just plain ruthless.

My favorite kind of neighborhood association? Mind your own damn business.

“I wonder if a neighborhood association could fix my golden locks of hair?”

Darrin “Director of neighbors and junket trip digger-uppers” Smith (Image; KELO-TV screenshot)

While I agree neighborhood associations are a good idea, especially neighborhood watch associations, I sometimes feel like this is an excuse for the city to encourage neighbors to turn in neighbors for stupid crap like ‘leafy branches’ or ‘long grass’. Thank Gawd I don’t live next door to Costner, or I would be fixing my sidewalk and trimming my boulevard trees every ten minutes. Maybe the conspiracy theorist in me is talking here, I don’t know?

I do have a terrific relationship with my neighbor to the South. We share a fence and a grapevine and have many great fence line conversations about city government. They have lived in my neighborhood since 1950 when they built their house. But my neighborhood is interesting, for several reasons, I’m zoned ‘light industrial’ and can never add onto my home without council approval (which I think is a violation of my property rights) and the fact that my home was built in 1889 and as far as I can tell has been added on to at least 5 times since the original structure was built (the original siding still exists in a crawlspace above my kitchen). We also have several businesses in the hood, a casino, a sandwich shop, a plumber’s outfit, a fireplace installer, a mechanics garage, a lawnmower repair shop and a copy machine peddler (and a can crusher, gas station, and my favorite; a liquor store) We also have some guy who works on his hotrods and sells electric scooters. Besides that, there is several rental properties that have residents come and go like the wind.

Like I said above, I am all for neighborhood associations, but this isn’t fucking Mayberry. I’ll stick with the neighborhood association I like the best, Me and Don bitching about city hall while standing by a grapevine.

Seems Ironic Johnny is trying to steal Darrin Smith’s Thunder

Hey, isn’t this Darrin’s new job as Director of Lower Airport Fees and Parking Lots.

U.S. Sen. John Thune says he has urged Delta Air Lines and United Airlines to improve service and cut fares for flights at Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

Thune says officials from both airlines have agreed to evaluate ways to lower prices and make flights more convenient.

Thune says up to 45 percent of air travelers from Sioux Falls drive to Omaha or Minneapolis to catch flights because of the high prices charged for flights from Sioux Falls.

The Republican senator says airlines also do not offer enough direct flights from Sioux Falls to other cities.

Do you think there is a little Rep vs. Dem thing going on here? Berry, Berry, Interesting.

Bosom Buddies

No wonder Darrin Smith threw Staggers under the bus during the mayoral campaign, he had a job riding on it

My little birdy was right, Smith was angling for a job in the Huether administration. It’s okay though, if Darrin doesn’t like the job he can always QUIT!

Mayor Mike announced his replacements today;

They are: David Pfeifle, city attorney; Jill Franken, public health; Darrin Smith, community development public parking; and Sue Quanbeck Etten, central services.

I don’t have a clue about the others, maybe some of my readers can fill us in.