The rumors are swirling, but the MSM hasn’t touched this with a ten foot pole yet;

Does anybody else smell that? (sniff sniff)  I think it’s the internet actually catching fire!

In blatant defiance of the fact that Saturday is supposed to be a slow news day, reports of trouble in the Palin household are running rampant here in Alaska.

According to The Immoral Minority blog who was the first one out of the chute with this story, and The Alaska Report, known for breaking news on Palin, the Palins’ marriage is on the rocks.  Both outlets stick by their sources in Anchorage and Wasilla.

You couldn’t make this crap up. Looks like the internets will break the story again before the MSM.

Or has she always been this f’ing stupid?

Hos sends me her favorite Palin stories;



Gov. Palin’s official announcement that she is resigning as chief executive

of the great state of Alaska had all the depth and gravitas of a

13-year-old’s review of the Jonas Brothers’ album on Facebook. She even

quoted her parents’ refrigerator magnet.




Caribou Barbie is one nutty puppy.




Have I mentioned I thank God everyday she wasn’t elected?