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Governor Moose Drool, the gift that keeps giving

Lieberman/AP; Ngan/Getty

While I think Michael Steele is a gigantic idiot (gigantic) I think Palin as the new RNC chair would be the biggest gift to Democrats since she f’d up McCain’s nomination for president. Please, Please, Please, appoint her!

Notice that Democrats are mysteriously silent about it . . . because behind the scenes they are either drooling about the possible appointment or laughing their asses off, or both.

Some conservatives may want Sarah Palin to take over the role of chairman of the Republican National Committee from Michael Steele, but chances are slim the high-priced speech-maker would want it.

A military or Government job is not a ‘Real Job’ – Micheal Steele

Image; Driftglass

According to the new RNC chair, if you work for the government or are getting your ass shot at in Iraq, it isn’t a real job. Where do they find these clowns anyway?

Watch Michael spill douche all over himself.