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Minnehaha County Commission and Sioux Falls City Council set to approve/deny permit for private residential airport

It seems the march is on;


It looks like on Tuesday at a joint 5 PM meeting the two bodies will consider the permit for the airport. I am still wondering if the FAA has weighed in;

The airport shall meet all FAA requirements.

I have to admit I am still on the fence about this. The Minnehaha County planning commission approved this 6-0 and the Sioux Falls planning commission denied this 5-2.

While I think that rich folks can spend their money however they choose, and build ludicrous things like airstrips, my main concern is how it will affect their neighbors and the city and county in general. Your property rights end when they inflict harm on your neighbors. This will be an interesting meeting to say the least.

Sioux Falls School District really needs to invest in a mailing list

So I got the below postcard. I have don’t have kids and don’t intend to, but for some reason I received this. Besides the fact that the district really needs to invest in a mailing list which would save them (us) thousands in postage and printing fees (believe it or not you can purchase these lists, and they really don’t cost much) they did not even bother to target the mailer to people with kids, as you can tell from the addressing ‘resident’ and it coded as a ‘walking’ list. This means every mail carrier basically receives a stack of these cards and drops them in every mailbox on their route. Think pizza coupons.

As a former graphic designer specializing in direct mail this card is a huge fail and not just for the lack of targeting the audience;

• You should never use a typeface smaller than 10 PT, this borders on 4-6 pt.

• You should always just give the information that is important and lead them to resources, it is called the KISS theory in marketing (Keep it simple stupid).

• The entire front of the postcard was not utilized.

This was a great exercise in using taxpayer money to fill the landfill. But hey when you bilk the taxpayers for $300 million in a dubious election, what’s another couple grand?

What did you think of the city’s response to the last snow storm?

Looks like Mayor Stoneless thinks we did a Heckuva job;

I will first defend Public Works and say that many things are out of their control. We often get early Spring heavy snowstorms, this is nothing new and they cause a ton of issues. Also, when it comes to snowgates, I think they tried to use them at first but with heavy snow they often break sheer pins and cause maintenance issues, so that argument is also moot.

What I find interesting is the response time. The two previous administrations tried to get the city plowed very quickly. I have heard behind the scenes that is not the goal of the current Plowing Czar and Mayor. In fact my street wasn’t plowed until after NOON on Tuesday, and it was pretty pointless because most of it had already melted by then.

I will still maintain that this administration is trying to get away with spending less money on snow removal each year. But $94 million dollar tax rebates to egg roll factories from Korea? Money well spent!

City of Sioux Falls decides to cover Downtown Bunker Ramp wall with large banner that says ‘LAWSUIT PENDING’

Okay, just kidding, but one wonders what is going on.

If you nose around on the local dockets you will see there has not been any set court dates to handle the pending lawsuit with the city and the proposed developer. In other words it seems the city is no further along then they were when this whole fiasco was exposed.

Also, parking revenues are down, so it will be interesting to see how the bonds will be paid for an overbuilt parking ramp that no one has used. I have often suggested they build several floors of studio apartments on the site.

Also, why weren’t there any proposals on decorating the Chernobyl like building?

But lastly, I’m still waiting to hear a formal apology from current and past mayors and councilors who put this fraudulent disaster into motion even after they were warned multiple times that this would turn out to be a pile of poo poo.

If there is one thing city government in Sioux Falls is getting better at it is spending large amounts of our tax dollars on failures. As for necessary infrastructure maintenance, we call on church volunteers.

Is it time for the Sioux Falls City Council to have ‘The Talk’ with their (our) city clerk?

If you FF the above meeting to 1:10:00 you will see an incident that should have never occurred. It was all spurred by the chair of the meeting (Mayor TenHaken) attempting to shut down public input. Though after he gets his butt handed to him by fellow councilors he proclaims he wasn’t going to shut it down. Yeah, sure, you betcha. He announced at the beginning of public input on the mask mandate that he was going to shut it down at one hour, and exactly at the one hour mark he proceeded with his ‘summary’ in which councilor Starr asked for a point of order. All the shouting back and forth could have ended there.


Well, the chair should have automatically recognized the point of order, he did not, because even after 2 years he still doesn’t understand how to run a meeting.

The city attorney could have jumped in, but since he basically only works for the mayor, he sat there like a bump on a log.

It was actually the job of the city clerk to recognize the point order, he eventually did, but he had to get chided by several councilors to do so. Tom Greco, the city clerk, has been here long enough to know he should intervene in these matters, he works for the council and it is there meeting, he should have automatically, politely told the mayor they needed to rule on Starr’s point of order.

I have often been concerned about the cozy relationship between Greco and TenHaken, it is unhealthy and not good for open government. Tom was appointed/hired by the city council and he must answer to his 8 managers NOT the mayor’s office or even the city attorney’s office.

I highly recommend the city council have an executive session with Greco (this is the legal way to handle personnel issues) and encourage him to intervene moving forward. I would also encourage the council to tell him they fully support him and will back him up if he gets any attacks from the chair for doing so. I don’t think it would be appropriate to punish Tom or censure him for what happened Tuesday, but I would tell him that this is a polite reminder and warning to do his job or take a hike.

Sidenote; I’ve been hearing a lot of blame going around that Councilor Starr is the one who forced the mayor to vote on the tie, but the interesting part is the mayor is the one who was playing games. I guess he approached a certain councilor to vote a certain way so he wouldn’t have to break a tie and that councilor refused, so right before the meeting Paul supposedly cornered Jensen to vote so he wouldn’t have to break a tie, and Jensen bailed on his promise to Kiley. This of course is why Starr likely pulled the Joker from his hand. It’s often important to remember that our beloved mayor plays a lot of these games behind the scenes, and when things don’t go his way he is quick to point fingers. Paul, you are the one that is responsible for the Sh!t Show Tuesday night, no one else.

Proposed Residential Airport


Yes, in a town where most people are middle to lower income some rich folks in town want their own airstrip next to their homes. The two petitioners are involved with a large construction company and the ethanol industry. The developer helping with the project is former City Councilor and current State Legislator, Greg Jamison.

While the proposal was a tie/stalemate with Minnehaha County voting for it and the City Planning Commission voting against, that means it goes to the Minnehaha CC and Sioux Falls city council for joint meeting approval on March 23.

A city official told me today that it may not make that date because the FAA is rumored to have already put a kabosh on it. We will see.

South Dakota African American Museum Proclamation

UPDATE: An exercise in futility

Update: It only took 2 days, but the city reporter at the paper that barely exists decided to wake up and do a story about Tuesday’s meeting. Maybe he was tired of judging burritos or something? I will make this brief;

There’s no one single thing that led to the decision, he said, although “some of it was the fact that there were only two proponents in that entire room last night, and they were from our healthcare systems. And I think that’s very telling.”

Yes Paul, it is very telling, listen to the doctors not the quacks. A couple of dozen people showed up to spew about I’m not sure what, and if you looked at viewership on YouTube that night, there was 140 active viewers. We are not Milbank, we are a town of almost 200K that should tell you something, don’t listen to the fringe.

And it wasn’t just in-person, he said, estimating that 90% of the correspondence he’d gotten over the last few weeks had the same message: “It’s time for this to end.”

This is interesting coming from the guy who hates transparency. I would love to know who this 90% are? When in doubt Paul always pulls from his behind.

“We could be adding as little as a week on to this ordinance,” TenHaken said, referencing that the failed ordinance would have ended the mandate when the South Dakota Department of Health began vaccinating subgroup 1E. 

“And so my thought is,” TenHaken said, “what is that week worth?”

My opinion on this is simple, until most if not all are vaccinated and cases are practically at zero, that is when we let up. Do you think a drag racer lets his foot off the gas before he reaches the finish line?

While masks have been a heated topic, TenHaken said it’s not what’s really dividing people. “It’s public dialogue, it’s politics, it’s social justice issues, it’s the stress of the pandemic, it’s unemployment, lost jobs.”

I agree with Paul partially on this, we have had divisive politics over the past 4 years, this doesn’t come from people who wear masks, this comes from people in his party representation who only want to conquer and destroy. This is a guy who wants to put a death nail in affordable housing, a guy who wants to help his bankster and developer friends by increasing taxes on us, a guy who hates open government, a guy who has done little to nothing to insure a livable wage, and a person who refuses to accept sexual preference diversity. We have this hysteria because as the leader of this city you refuse to lead on the very topics you talk about. Division occurs because you allow it, and sometimes encourage it.

Still, TenHaken said he would have preferred not having to vote at all, adding that a tiebreaking vote gives a perception that the mayor is “either the savior or the villain for the item.”

“People need to remember, it’s not my item, I just get kind of put in the spot where the council couldn’t figure out how to get to yes or no on it,” TenHaken said.

This statement wreaks of hypocrisy. He is right, it wasn’t his item, because it should never be his item. By charter it is the city council that sets policy, he runs the city. But this mayor, the last one, and two before that decided they should introduce policy items, and proudly prance like a peacock that they are part of the policy making body. So Paul, either you are part of the crew or you are not. Seems he wants his cake.

But Tuesday night was a little different. The original vote was 5-3 against the mandate, until Councilor Pat Starr changed his vote to yes, making a 4-4 tie.

“When Councilor Starr changed his mind, you know, I don’t think you have to be a political pundit to recognize it was really just to put, you know, me on the hot seat for that item,” TenHaken said.

It was a genius move by Starr, because like I said above, you are either part of the body or you are not and since you chose to introduce policy like moving public input to the back of the meeting you have put yourself in the arena. If you don’t want to be there, great, follow charter and stop introducing policy.

And while TenHaken chose a side on Tuesday, he said he doesn’t want people looking at it as a win or a loss for their position.

“There’s no winners in this,” he said. “We’re dealing with a pandemic, and hundreds and hundreds of our neighbors in the state have lost their lives. So turning this into this game where ‘I won the mask mandate discussion or lost,’ it really kind of bums me out.”

Oh, the ‘bummer’ excuse. I am bummed to, because you want to play in the sandbox but when it your turn to build the castle you piss in the moat.


The only real thing that was accomplished last night at the Sioux Falls city council meeting was allowing citizens to practice their 1st Amendment rights, even though Stormland TV questioned some of the bull being thrown.

Ironically, even if it would have passed, it would have only been in effect for about a month because of this clause;

III Effective
Unless extended, amended, or earlier terminated by ordinance, this ordinance shall automatically terminate upon declaration of the South Dakota Department of Health that vaccinations are available to members of Phase 1 Group E.

The group is scheduled for April 15th (or sooner) to receive vaccinations.

Either way, I have often said since the mandate had no teeth anyway, there was nothing stopping people from NOT wearing masks in public spaces. And even if Covid didn’t exist, any private retail business or private hospital can require you to wear a mask or leave. There are numerous constitutional amendments and laws backing that up.

But what really reared its head last night was Mayor TenHaken’s tantrum when he didn’t understand his own rules when it comes to running a meeting. Besides Starr, three other councilors called him out on it while our City Clerk sat there silent until one of the councilors chided Greco into doing his job. Hey Tom, you work for the city council and the citizens, not Mayor Stoneless. I know it may be your wet dream to be a total suck-up like the city attorney, but you really need to do your overpaid job.

It was a piss poor way to run a meeting, and enough with the huffing and puffing Paul.

Also, while I am not a fan of Councilor Kiley, he really must have been sore when not only the mayor took back his word on the way he was going to vote, but I guess councilor Jensen did also. Like Rick or not, I felt bad that his colleagues took a big dump on him, especially the mayor. That’s not leadership, that’s cowardice.

But the thing that has been baffling me over the past 24 hours is how so many passionate people will show up to complain about a rule that has no teeth and really did no enforcement (I feel businesses have done that on there own) but don’t say a peep when the city tries to stifle them at public input, raises taxes and fees, hides stuff, is full of corruption and unethical behavior. I guess all of that is complicated and hunky-dory, but masks? The shame!

I give up.

Can you get a Covid Vaccination now?

While we are still going through the stages of the vaccination roll out, it seems there is so many doses, even if you are not in one of the specified groups you can get a shot.

I have heard from several folks today that many pharmacies in town are putting people on ‘cancellation’ lists and they will give you a shot if there is an appointment cancellation. I have heard of at least 3 people younger than me that have gotten shots and don’t belong in any of the specified categories.

I fully support this, for obvious reasons. First, if doses are not used within a certain amount of time, they have to be disposed, we don’t want to do that. Secondly, as I have been preaching for awhile, let’s not worry about those who don’t want to get them right now, let’s get everyone in line ASAP that wants one and let them get it.

POTUS says that hopefully by May 1st or sooner the vaccination will open to ALL groups. I encourage ANYONE right now to contact their pharmacy and get on the cancellation list if you are not part of the specified groups.

Once we vaccinate everyone who wants one, we can focus on the reluctant.

Sioux Falls City Councilor ‘Pat Starr Show’ wins the day

I had to chuckle about how councilor Starr successfully fought the mayor tonight about extending public input about the mask mandate, then when Pat spoke later after public input the crowd that he fought for to speak heckled him. Wow.

I often have to remind my friends, my enemies, local elected officials, relatives and others that the 1st Amendment is number one for a reason, freedom of speech is the only thing you should be concerned about. Everything else is moot.

BTW, the mask mandate failed because it was a tie and Mayor TenHaken voted it down, because he lacks leadership. Shocker.

Also, councilor Selberg made fun of Starr for taking on the mayor calling it the ‘Pat Starr Show’.

While Selberg may have invented the ‘Siouxper Hero’ award, he certainly earned the ‘Siouxper jerk Councilor’ award tonight.