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Mayor Ten Haken whittles the Police Chief choice down to two lieutenants

Well, I wasn’t surprised that the candidates were picked internally;

“Conversation with the Candidates” will take place at the Belbas Theater at the Washington Pavilion next Monday at 5:30 pm. The two final candidates are Sioux Falls Police Lt. Jonathan Thum and Lt. Nick Cook.

After the announcement today, some have been asking why a couple of mid-rank officers got the hat tip and not a captain? I asked someone in the know if any applied, they replied ‘YES’. There have been several rumors floating around that the top brass including the current police chief haven’t been making Paul very happy, and maybe the reason he most likely is going to promote from the 2nd tier.

I have heard both officers are well liked and equal in qualifications. But I’m guessing the prettier one will probably prevail 🙂

Minnehaha County Commission proposing Med Mary ordinance identical to the City of Sioux Falls, The Big Stall

This is what happens when our local lawmakers have secret meetings to concoct ordinances without public input. Minnehaha’s ordinance is almost identical to the city’s being voted on Tuesday night.

Sioux Falls City Council Agenda, June 8, 2021

Ethics Commission Meeting • 1:30 PM • Commission Chambers at City Hall

David Zokaites is asking for an investigation into widespread bribes and Councilor Janet Brekke is looking to start ethics training for elected officials.

Informational • 4 PM

• Southeast Technical College General Updates by Bob Griggs, President, Southeast Technical College (I think this is a yearly update because I think the city does give funding to the school)

• YMCA Downtown Community Youth Center and Call to Freedom – Marissa’s Housing Project by Mike Murphy, YMCA Interim President and CEO; and Becky Rasmussen, Call to Freedom Executive Director (I’m not sure what this is about, but they may be getting affordable housing funding from the city, but I have no idea).

Regular Meeting • 6 PM

Item #14, 2nd Reading, Motorized Foot Scooters (This item is being withdrawn. I wonder if they will re-visit it after fixing it and meeting with the public, which they should have done to begin with).

Item #15, 1st Reading, An ordinance sponsored by the Mayor to ‘stall’ Med Mary in Sioux Falls until the state comes up with regulation. So the mayor and council have decided to do nothing until October. Cruise control government at its finest;

WHEREAS, medical cannabis state laws under SDCL 34-20G are effective July 1, 2021. The
South Dakota Department of Health shall promulgate rules pursuant to Chapter 1-26 not later
than October 29, 2021, as defined by SDCL 34-20G-72. During the time between July 1, 2021,
and potentially as late as October 29, 2021, local units of government will not yet know
standards for medical cannabis and will not be able to adequately assess the local zoning and
licensing requirements necessary to approve local permits and to better ensure applicants have a
more predictable permitting process and avoid stranded investments;

Item #16, 1st Reading, the council is reorganizing the committee structure and creating a regulatory committee, which is ironic, because this is already their duty according to the charter.

Public Input at Sioux Falls City Council and Planning Meetings

FF: 1:38 (official newspaper of Sioux Falls city government)

FF: 1:49:45 (Med Mary Task Force)

FF: 2:12 (Regular Public Input, TIFs and riding scooters on the sidewalk)

FF: 1:06:50 & 1:17:45 (TIF)

FF: 1:25:15 (Public Input, Recommended Approval)

Idiotic Electric Foot Scooter ordinance will be withdrawn

I was actually surprised this was not pulled and killed last Tuesday in the 1st Reading. While I support these devices in Sioux Falls, and really don’t care who rents them out, they belong on the street not on the sidewalk;

The program brought up several concerns for downtown Sioux Falls, including how they would be regulated, like restricting speed and where scooters would have access to ride in the downtown area.

“We haven’t even gathered all of our data from our members, which is exactly why we had this town hall today and we heard a little bit from them. You know, the fun factor of electric scooters downtown versus the need for them, the safety and the pedestrian traffic. We are a very walkable density populated downtown. We feel like people can walk from store A to store B,” said Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce President Jeff Griffin.

He is correct about the walkability, and exactly the reason they should not be on sidewalks. I think they should just restrict them to side streets and not allow them on thoroughfares like Minnesota and 41st street and arterials.

I think the reason this was pulled is because Downtown business owners got pretty irate about the fact they were not included in discussions before this made it to the council agenda. As I said earlier, this is what happens when you don’t include the public in these discussions and just ramrod laws thru you concocted in a dark room. OPEN government is essential to GOOD government. I wonder if the city council will ever learn this?

UPDATE: So now the Sioux Falls City Council is just deleting (censoring) the meeting videos?

UPDATE: The meeting has been fixed. Last night it was missing about the last 30 minutes.

So I showed up late to the City Council meeting last night and did public input on some items towards the end and mysteriously, that part of the meeting is missing.

I’m going to be nice, or at least ‘TRY’ to be nice 🙂

I could go on rants about open government, the 1st Amendment, the violation of State Law, etc., oh I just did.

But how is that a city with a $700 million dollar yearly budget can’t rebroadcast their public meetings in their entirety?

When I look at the city council in action it reminds me of this image;


The sad irony is the city could rebroadcast these meetings on YouTube, FOR FREE.

My 15 Minutes of Fame at the Sioux Falls Planning Meeting

Towards the end of the meeting I got to touch on TIFs and ‘Recommended Approval’ by Planning Staff. I appreciated Planning Commissioners Larry and Sean actually asking staff about some of the things I brought up. Thank You.

When voters don’t show up, taxes go up

I didn’t have any doubt that the Harrisburg School Bond would pass, and I figured it would be a poor voter turnout, but this is ridiculous,

So we let 809 people who practiced their voting rights to decide on a $60 Million dollar bond. Folks, we can get mad at elected officials all we want, but when we don’t show up and vote on these measures, our taxes go up.

Downtown Sioux Falls success is because of Carole Pagones

Every time I see the big wheels of Downtown Sioux Falls talk about their investment, I only think of one person, Carole. A little rough around the edges I still remember meeting her in 1993 with a cig hanging out of her mouth and a passion for Downtown Sioux Falls.

When I moved to Sioux Falls in 1991 I would stroll downtown, it was basically a handful of businesses and a ghost town. Zandbroz, Tina’s, Minervas, Ed Salears and the Hat. You could literally walk downtown on a weeknight and see nobody. I was reminded of this in 2019 on a First Friday where the sidewalks were so packed you could barely walk, it was like Times Square.

I worked for Pat Pilcher, a former legislator who owned a print shop in the old Lewis building (I think it is that fancy dessert shop now) and Carole would come in and ‘throw the bull’ with the ladies there. She said it like it was.

So how did Carole make downtown successful? I often joke she stuck her boot up Mayor Munson’s butt to do something, and if I can credit Dave for one thing, he listened, and move forward. He actually dared to remove the rail road tracks from Downtown, but former Mayor Bucktooth and Bowlcut f’d that up.

Make no mistake, downtown is what it is because of Carole and a willing partner in Mayor Munson. And in celebrating her life, I don’t want anyone to forget it, because I think if Carole was still alive today, she would look at the Bunker Ramp and go, ‘Look at the Monster I created.’ then let out a big laugh. We will miss you, rest in peace.

Proposed Sioux Falls Scooter ordinance is proof why open government is important

As I suspected a local (wealthy) business person gave the legislature and some city councilors a gentle nudge so he could operate a scooter rental business. While Mr. Holt’s testimony was about running a Ma and Pa business, we know he isn’t short on the cash flow. But that doesn’t matter to me, I actually support this kind of business and think it is something Sioux Falls should have.

What I found shocking was they want the scooters to operate ONLY on the sidewalks of downtown. WTF?

I know, when I first heard it today, I wondered if this was some kind of joke. Even councilors Nietzert and Kiley were like no can do. In other cities where these operate (I just witnessed them in San Diego) they must be operated on the street, because they can do around 25 miles per hour. And like riding a bicycle or skateboard on the sidewalk (which is illegal DTSF) it’s dangerous to pedestrians and the riders.

While I could go on a very long, or short rant (like I did tonight at the council meeting) about the idiocy of riding a motorized scooter on a sidewalk, I’m not going to go there. You get it, this isn’t rocket science, though physics are involved.

This is what happens when you have a mentally ill and dull legislature pass laws which they pass down to municipalities with little to no public input, not even from experts. Just how can my rich buddy start his own multiple injury scooter business.

And on top of it, the city councilors proposing this The Count and Heels, didn’t even bother to have a little public input on the topic.

Riding an electric powered scooter on the sidewalk for ‘safety’ is like scooping manure out of hog lot barefoot so you don’t get your 5-Buckle overboots dirty.

I know, they could turn Carnegie Town Hall into a comedy club if it wasn’t so tragic.